Ohio State completes three rounds as National Pistol Champions – Ohio State Buckeyes

COLUMBUS, Ohio — They’ve done it again.

The Ohio State Pistol Team defended their title at the Intercollegiate Pistol Championships and won their third straight national championship Saturday night in Anniston and Talladega, Ala.

In addition to equipment for the team, two individual titles were also won: Katelyn Abeln took first place overall in the three-event air pistol and air pistol events while Maria Tsarik was the individual winner in sport pistol and standard pistol.

The Buckeyes have dominated this year, sweeping the top three spots in every team and individual event. It also continues a title trend for Scarlet and Gray as they have now won eight National Open and Women’s titles in total in pistol events since 2000.

First-Team All-Americans: Katelyn Abeln, Jackson Leverett, Panagiota Charalampous, Maria Tsarik)

Individual results
1st – Katelyn Abeln (Sr.)
4th – Jackson Leverett (Jr.)
5th – Panagiota Charalampous (Fr.)
6th – Johnathan Dorsten (Fr.)
8th – Maria Tsarik (Jr.)
16th – Abbie Leverett (Fr.)
23rd – Amanda Ackerman (Sr.)

First-Team All-Americans: Tsarik, Abeln, H. Leverett, A. Leverett)

Individual results
1st – Maria Tsarik (Jr.)
2nd – Henry Leverett (Jr.)
3rd – Katelyn Abeln (Sr.)
5th – Jackson Leverett (Jr.)
12th – Panagiota Charalampous (Fr.)
13th – Abbie Leverett (Fr.)
27th – Amanda Ackerman (Sr.)

1st Team All-Americans: Tsarik, Abeln, J. Leverett, H. Leverett

Individual results
1st – Maria Tsarik (Jr.)
2nd – Katelyn Abeln (Sr.)
3rd – Jackson Leverett (Jr.)
4th – Abbie Leverett (Fr.)
5th – Henry Leverett (Jr.)
17th – Amanda Ackerman (Sr.)
21st – Panagiota Charalampous (Fr.)

3 Event Aggregate
1st Team All-Americans: Abeln, Tsarik, H. Leverett, J. Leverett, A. Leverett, P. Charalampous

Individual results
1st – Katelyn Abeln (Sr.)
2nd – Maria Tsarik (Jr.)
3rd – Jackson Leverett (Jr.)
7th – Abbie Leverett (Fr.)
10th – Panagiota Charalampous (Fr.)
19th – Amanda Ackerman (Sr.)


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