Opinion: Will San Diego prove it’s a sports city with the arrival of an MLS team? San Diego’s weigh in.

San Diego is the perfect place to play soccer

We needed more professional sports teams in America’s Finest City. The San Diego Football Club announcement marks a historic day for San Diego.

There is no other city in the country where the weather is perfect for an outdoor sport like soccer like ours. It’s incredible that it has taken this long for an MLS soccer team to call San Diego home. Weather aside, we have an incredible youth football scene that is second to none. The fan base will be passionate and come from two countries.

This unique regional environment in which we live ensures the club’s future growth and success. I look forward to becoming a season ticket holder. I will support and cheer on our newest home team with panache and passion.

Cho Chomjinda, Mission Valley

It’s every kid’s dream to have a new team

I’m extremely excited. San Diego is one of the top markets in the country for soccer.

It’s also a child’s dream to have a top professional team with an academy in the city.

I think it will be a big hit on and off the field. We’ve waited many years for it to happen, and now it’s finally here. We can’t wait for 2025!

Timothy Roty, Rancho Penasquitos

Football has always been difficult to sell here

Can football in San Diego go up against the Padres, the Aztecs and even the rogue Chargers? I think the answer is clear: no! Baseball has been the national pastime for 120 years. Little boys and girls have been playing pickup truck games, little league games, and high school games for years. Football also has a strong following. Soccer is a breeze lately. I don’t think even Ted Lasso could ignite a fire for the sport here in San Diego. Here’s why.

The game doesn’t seem to have the same appeal here as it does worldwide. The majesty that sport inspires in other parts of the world doesn’t seem to unfold here. I realize that involvement in football as a youth sport has increased recently, but there isn’t the passion that baseball or football inspires. How many little boys or girls have Aaron Judge, Fernando Tatis Jr., or Manny Machado posters on their walls? Compare that to the stars of MLS. Really no comparison, right?

And the venue? Snapdragon Stadium is a travesty. No shade means heat stroke for young and old alike.

I fear that this endeavor will do little to get people excited about a sport that actually has no roots in this country. I also don’t think cricket or rugby would have much of a future in America’s Finest City. We are a football and baseball town. Just ask the NBA’s San Diego Rockets and San Diego Clippers how easy it was to succeed or even survive in San Diego.

Go Pads and Aztecs!

Jack Keane, San Carlos

San Diegos want a championship team

San Diego welcomes the 30th team in the MLS. What took so long?

Football will work in this city because people love football and want to be loyal to a team that strives to entertain their players in the best possible way.

When the Gulls and Rockets arrived, fans entered the San Diego Sports Arena. 14,000 people watched the Rockets after they drafted Elvin Hayes. About 13,000 fans flocked to the gates to watch Willie O’Ree and Fred Hilts skate for the Western Hockey League Gulls. The Chargers, when they were called the San Diego Chargers, drew huge crowds to Jack Murphy Stadium. True baseball fans have followed the Padres since the Pacific Coast League and Westgate Park. San Diego has some of the best sports fans in the world, and if it weren’t for some greedy owners, America’s Finest City would still have representatives from more major sports than baseball.

When I was growing up in San Diego, the only place a fan could watch football was on Channel 12 or 6, the Tijuana stations. Soccer is now the most popular sport in the world. Football is everywhere, in person and on TV. Football will thrive here in a city ready to support a championship team of any kind. I’ve never been to a professional soccer game. I look forward to visiting Snapdragon Stadium in 2025 to join 35,000 avid football fans to see the San Diego Osprey, or whatever name the owners choose.

Jim Valenzuela, Poway


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