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Owner is retiring and Somers Point, NJ Anchorage will be closed that day

Somers Point Councilman Rick DePamphilis and Sally DePamphilis have confirmed that The Anchorage Tavern & Restaurant Owner, (Chef, Owner and Operator) Don Mahoney has retired, effective at the end of business last night on Saturday March 18, 2023.

We love The Anchorage Tavern and Restaurant.

He is still excellent in every way. And the persistent long queues also prove this point.

This phenomenal local establishment has been open since 1898, making it Somers Point, the oldest commercial establishment in New Jersey.

We have also confirmed that The Anchorage Tavern will be closed this week.

Photo by Don P. Hurley.

Photo by Don P. Hurley.

However, don’t confuse Don Mahoney’s retirement and the fact that The Anchorage Tavern will be closing this week…with any misconception that The Anchorage Tavern is closing permanently.

We can confirm that The Anchorage Tavern is not closing. We only mention this so that a false rumor does not start to gain momentum.

Photo by Don P. Hurley.

Photo by Don P. Hurley.

We kept it secret for several months that Mahoney was potentially preparing to sell The Anchorage Tavern.

This seems to be the course it will take, however, it hasn’t been finalized yet.

Of course, there will be the usual and required processes for selling and transferring the coveted liquor license. This requires various local and state approvals along the way.

While the potential sale of The Anchorage – which is now an open secret – is still not finalized… we take this opportunity to wish a great restaurateur and innkeeper, Don Mahoney, a very happy and well-deserved retirement.

Mahoney had a long and successful career.

Here’s a photo (below) of Rick & Sally DePamphilis with Don Mahoney.

Photo by Sally DePamphilis via Facebook.

Photo by Sally DePamphilis via Facebook.

Should a sale ever materialize, we know the identity of the potential new owner (already well invested in Somers Point)…who has no intention of changing anything at The Anchorage Tavern…which will be a great news for so many who love The Anchorage Tavern exactly as it is now.

And that’s the ultimate compliment that can be paid to Don Mahoney.

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