Pennsylvania bear who attacked 2 captured and euthanized children

PITTSBURGH (KDKA) — A bear that attacked two children in northeast Pennsylvania has been captured and euthanized.

The Pennsylvania Game Commission said Friday the bear involved in the attack was trapped overnight and euthanized. A male bear was also caught in a trap near the female, but was moved “to a more distant area”, officials said.

“While the agency does not take lightly its duty to follow protocol for euthanizing a bear involved in an attack, it also places great importance on public safety, and in this case, we have assumed our accountability through our actions,” Game Commission Executive said. Director Bryan Burhans said in a statement.

Officials said the 5-year-old, 14-month-old had non-life-threatening injuries and was treated for bites and scratches in hospital. The children were playing in the driveway of their Wright Township, Luzerne County home on Monday, but the Game Commission said there were few details about what happened and what may have caused the attack.

People are advised to keep their distance from bears. If you find one, let him know you’re there by shouting or waving to him.

Bears are naturally afraid of people, but can lose some of that fear when they live near people, especially if fed, the Game Commission said. It is illegal to intentionally feed bears in Pennsylvania.

Bears can still be attracted to properties where they can find easy meals, and people who live in an area where bears have been a problem should consider removing potential food sources like garbage cans and bird feeders.

The Game Commission said about 15,000 bears live in Pennsylvania.

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