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MASSENA – The digital brand manager for Explore Massena has some ideas for annual events, but it will take some time and money to implement.

“One thing I wanted to do before last Friday before I sent my report was that I built two events,” H3 Designs’ Jason Hendricks told the Massena Town Board.

His report includes the proposed event, the proposed budget, potential sources of funding, and a “work action plan” that lays out step-by-step what would need to be done to make the events a reality.

These include “Rockin’ the River 2023” in the summer and a “Fall Foliage Fun Ride on the St. Lawrence River” in the fall.

Mr Hendricks said the 2023 Rockin’ the River event at Massena Town Beach would have a tentative price of $9,000-$16,500 – $500 for venue rental, $3,000-$8,000 for performers, $2,500 to $5,000 for fireworks, $500 to $1,000 for marketing, $1,000 for supplies such as tents, tables, chairs, and signage, $500 for security, $500 for facilities such as restrooms, trash and recycling bins, and first- aid stations and $500 for miscellaneous expenses such as permits and insurance.

He said possible sources of funding could include sponsorship money from local businesses to cover $5,000-$15,000 of costs, room fees of $300-$500 and donations of $1,000.

But, he said, there would be more involved than just fundraising. Mr Hendricks said they would have to set the date and time, set the budget, select vendors, book artists, market the event, arrange parking and security, provide facilities, set up the stage and stalls and coordinate the fireworks display team.

The first “Rockin’ the River” took place last summer. It included a children’s fishing derby at Wilson Hill Causeway and music, food, vendors, fireworks and more at the reception. All events were free to attend.

“This is what the 2023 edition would look like,” Hendricks said.

The 2022 event was held as part of Major League Fishing’s Pro Circuit Championship, the Tackle Warehouse TITLE Presented by Mercury. The six-day tournament featured the top 48 pros in Pro Circuit standings, as well as last year’s reigning champion and reigning Angler of the Year – all competing for a grand prize of up to $235,000.

The Fall Foliage Fun Ride on the St. Lawrence River would have a lesser price tag at $1,500 — $1,000 for 500 full-color patches to be distributed to attendees and $500 for flyers, social media, and Advertising.

But like Rockin’ the River 2023, the to-do list is extensive. It includes deciding the route, choosing a date and time, finding sponsors, obtaining the necessary permits, recruiting volunteers, promoting the event, organizing rest stops, coordinating with local businesses, the Providing safety information, setting up registration, providing support vehicles and ensuring a fun and friendly environment.

“I always try to add something different. I’ve had some initial discussions with some people,” said Mr. Hendricks. “I’m working on some cool stuff right now to organize events that will hopefully attract tourists and raise awareness of Massena in a positive way.”

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