Press Herald cites fake “Small Business Coalition” without disclosing funding ties to liberal dark money groups

The Press Herald was once again tricked into citing a left-wing artificial turf group that purports to represent small businesses in Maine.

The so-called “Maine Small Business Coalition” sounds like a group representing small businesses in Maine. If you’re just reading the Press Herald, you probably think this is it.

But according to Maine Secretary of State records, the “coalition” is actually a pseudonym registered with the Maine People’s Alliance, a left-wing nonprofit funded with international black money.

Press Herald reporter Joe Lawlor gullibly quotes “Selecca Bulgar-Medina, director of the Maine Small Business Coalition,” in his article calling for new taxes to fund a Maine state paid vacation program.

Press Herald reporter quotes false business man

A cursory use of Google search would have revealed that the Bulgar-Medina fake group of companies is headquartered at 565 Congress St., Suite 200, Portland, Maine 04101.

This happens to be the exact address and offices of the Maine People’s Alliance and a host of other liberal front groups.

Such a search would also have revealed that Bulgar-Medina never operated a small business in Maine or anywhere else.

A brief review of Maine’s campaign finance would also have shown that Bulgar-Medina is listed as a “decision maker” and “fund raiser” for a Maine People’s Alliance-backed voting committee to increase paid vacation taxes.

Political groups formed by activists to appear as “grassroots” organizations are referred to as “astroturf”.

The Maine Wire has reported on the Maine People’s Alliance’s fraudulent use of artificial turf since 2013.

For more than a decade, various organizations funded by black money donations have used the name “Maine Small Business Coalition” to suggest that small businesses support left-wing politics, which invariably means higher taxes.

During this period, Maine’s liberal newspapers were either complicit in the deception or too lazy to question the motives of the people who quote them.

The quote in this case is particularly egregious considering that the Maine People’s Alliance was the group that organized dozens of activists to demonstrate during the hearing of the Paid Vacation Tax Bill Committee hearing.

Maine campaign finance records show that Mainers for Paid Leave BQC, the main political group supporting the campaign, is also registered in the same Portland office.

In a manner of speaking, Lawlor quotes a paid political activist funded by international billionaires and partakes in the fiction that she is somehow a representative of all small business in Maine.

Due to the lack of disclosure, readers of the Press Herald would have no way of knowing that Bulgar-Medina, the poll staff, the Maine People’s Alliance activists (including State Senator Mike Tipping) all work in the same group and are paid by the same collection of dark donors .

These donors include billionaires like George Soros and S. Donald Sussman, former owner of the Press Herald, who donate to Arabella Advisors, a left-wing pass-through organization.

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Reporting by the Associated Press earlier this year revealed that Swiss billionaire Hansjörg Wyss is also among left-wing donors whose money has found its way into Maine politics towards the Maine People’s Alliance and other groups.

To put it in words even a Press Herald reporter could understand, that would be like Exxon Mobil forming the Maine Environmentalist Coalition and then pushing for higher taxes on wind and solar power.

If that sounds stupid, that’s because it is.

You would have to be a real idiot to buy such a blatant political deception.


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