Rehoboth man at the top of the armwrestling world

REHOBOTH — Jerry Cadorette is at the forefront of the armwrestling world.

In August, Cadorette won the title of World Armwrestler Champion in the East vs. West competition in Turkey.

“I push, I push, I push and then I get one last push and as you can see I’m drenched in sweat,” Cadorette said while watching video of the winning moment.

The 49-year-old Rehoboth man has been competing since high school.

“The competition is getting younger and these guys are coming my kids’ ages,” Cadorette said.

So what does it take to become world champion? Well in Jerry’s case, balance. Between practice and practice, he is the general manager of Camping World in Berkley.

“He’s a wonderful boss, he runs the company really well here and he’s the reason I’m staying,” said Cynthia Wolent, a staffer at Camping World.

“The problem is my competition, their only job is arm wrestling. Mine is I have a family, I have a business and I’m super busy,” Cadorette said.

It’s a juggling act that’s difficult but rewarding.

“I’m telling you, there’s no way to express how amazing it feels to be number 1 on the planet. But to be number 1 and to be approaching my age, to be approaching 50 and to be able to say that you are number 1. 1 on the planet,” Cadorette said.

Next, Cadorette will defend his title in November.

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