‘Run the World’ cast members open up about Ella’s absence in Season 2: It’s ‘just like real life’

Things are a little different in the second season of Run the World – starting with one of the main characters. The Starz dramedy returned on May 26, picking up where it left off after the roller-coaster season one finale starring best friends Whitney (Amber Stevens West), Renee (Bresha Webb), and Sondi (Corbin Reid). However, there is one face that is noticeably absent from the season two premiere: Andrea Bordeaux’s Ella.

As fans may recall, while the series, set in Harlem, focuses on the girls’ friend group as a whole, it all started with Ella early in season one as she embarked on the next phase of her troubled writing career with digital gossip ushered in website Hot Tea Digest. Throughout season one, Ella’s resurgent career and frenetic love life were major storylines that continued through to the end, where she finally made things right with her off-again boyfriend Anderson (Nick Sagar) and began making the first write chapters of their new book.

Though Ella isn’t entirely absent from season two (she’s still mentioned in conversations with her girlfriends), some fans may be wondering about the move away from the core foursome and why Bordeaux hasn’t returned to the show with the rest of their “run.” world” castmates.

Read on to find out what we know and how the cast feels about the change.

Is Ella in Run the World Season 2?

Ella from Bordeaux is still present in season two, albeit on a small scale, and the show wastes no time addressing her absence at the beginning of the premiere. Flying home from the girls’ trip, Whitney mentions that like Ella, she should have stayed in Tulum, Mexico and extended her vacation (mainly to take her mind off the breakup with her ex-fiancé, Ola). Then Sondi chimes in and clarifies that Ella isn’t still enjoying a blissful trip to escape reality, but is instead staying an extra week to work on her book.

Later in the episode, after Whitney and Ola have decided to break up for good, the former receives a text message from Ella telling her some news and asks to call all the girls. In the next scene you see Ella’s boss Barb (Erika Alexander) reading her resignation letter while her friends are cleaning up their apartment. Renee then confirms that Ella will not be returning to Harlem because she has decided to stay in Tulum for the next six months to finish her book. Even Anderson stops by to say goodbye to Whitney, Renee and Sondi while Sondi tells him to “take care of our girl”.

For viewers who weren’t in the dark during the production of Run the World’s second season, it’s no surprise that Ella was seemingly dropped from the series. Back in February 2022, Bordeaux announced on Instagram that she would not be returning to the show after reportedly being fired for requiring a COVID-19 vaccination. “Getting the opportunity to play Ella at #RunTheWorld was a dream come true,” she wrote in a caption. “I would have loved to have continued to grow with this adorable character and dealing with this sharp turning point in my life, dream and career over the last few weeks has been heartbreaking beyond words. I love the cast and crew of Run The World so much and will miss them. I wish you all the best.”

Bordeaux added in her post, which included a screenshot of a Deadline report: “Despite what the article says, I have not chosen to leave the series and Lionsgate has made no effort to find a workable solution to find. I was fired.” She concluded her message by saying, “Thank you to everyone who has shown me love and support. I am so grateful for all the kind words, messages and phone calls. I’m overstuffed and rich in many ways and I hope so.” You know it means the world to me.

What did the Run the World cast say about Ella’s absence in Season 2?

Speaking to POPSUGAR, the Run the World cast members shared that they weren’t overly concerned about continuing their show without Bordeaux. “It was ok. It was something we just fell into and just had to move on from,” Webb notes. And as Stevens West points out, her former co-star’s exit felt like a reflection of the distant friendships many experience as young adults.

“It’s like real life because in my adult life I’ve had several friends who have moved away and we’re still friends and we keep in touch and that doesn’t make them any less important in my life and it shows in the.” show,” she explains. “Ella is still a part of that girl group and she has a presence on the show and I think it’s being handled really well.”

Reid also notes that in season two, Ella has “awesome moments” with the girls “without being there just because their friendship is so strong.” “I mean, the older you get, the more people pull into other people cities and do all sorts of things. I think that really reflects exactly what’s happening in the ’30s, you know? When people make life choices,” she continues. “But for us as actresses, we love each other so much. We know the chemistry between us is great and we knew it was going to be good.”

According to Stevens West, filming the second season was “just as fun” with a trio as it was with the original four. And though they no longer perform alongside Bordeaux, Webb says, “Love doesn’t change.” one must have the grace; give mercy to his friends. So you just have to persevere.”

Run the World airs new episodes on Starz every Friday.


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