Sanctions for stunt driving, drag racing, street takeovers in Florida – NBC 6 South Florida

Street racing, street takeovers and stunt driving incidents happen all too often on the streets of Miami-Dade and Broward counties.

“There have been individuals in utter lawlessness and disregard for public safety who continually do these street takeovers and stunts,” said Florida Highway Patrol Troop E spokesman Maj. Roger Reyes.

According to the Florida Department of Highway Safety and Motor Vehicles and the Florida Highway Patrol, stunt driving is on the rise in South Florida.

Over the past four years, their data shows that 6,641 citations have been issued for either street racing/stunts (a first-degree misdemeanor) or active participation as a spectator (classified as a non-criminal offense to the highway code).

Law enforcement sends a message to drivers that this type of behavior is not a sport and that there are penalties.

“Your vehicle will be seized, you will be arrested and you will be subject to numerous fines,” Major Reyes said.

In a state law enacted in 2022, it is illegal to participate in street racing. This includes takeovers, drag racing, donuts, burnouts, wheelies, drifting, and other related activities that can create dangerous roads. In addition to jail time, drivers can have their licenses revoked and face fines of up to $5,000.

More recently, a group took over the intersection of Broward Boulevard and US1 in Fort Lauderdale and about two weeks ago a trio were arrested in connection with a dangerous drift in an area of Fort Lauderdale warehouse.

Skid marks aren’t the only thing left behind by street takeovers, innocent bystanders and participants can be killed or seriously injured.

“With these actions, it compromises public safety. You have individuals and bystanders standing on foot from these vehicles as they commit these reckless acts that endanger lives,” Major Reyes said.

Investigators are also asking for help from the community. If you spot these acts on the road, they suggest you pull over and call 911 if you don’t feel safe. You can also call *FHP (*347) or there is a new email to report these crimes.

If you have information about an upcoming street takeover event or know of participants in an ongoing investigation, email: [email protected].

You can remain anonymous and send documentation or videos.

You can find more information about FHP’s initiative to combat this issue here.


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