Small Business Spotlight: Taylor Martone Art

VERNON, CT (WFSB) — Eyewitness News reviewed Taylor Martone Art in Vernon for Tuesday’s Small Business Spotlight.

Taylor Martone is finding inspiration for her new business and hopes to give people beautiful pieces they will cherish forever.

“All my work starts as an original artwork, usually with watercolor, ink and some foiling, some mixed media. Using the watercolor paintings, I’ll look at what works well for a design that can be incorporated into other products, gifts and home decor,” Martone said.

A third grade teacher by day, Martone used her maternity leave to unleash her creativity and founded Taylor Martone Art in May.

“Between the late-night feeds and some afternoon naps is what I’m saying about finally being able to start sharing art with others,” Martone said.

You can see how she’s expanded her pieces: water bottles, art prints, stickers, and even clothing.

“All of my art is quite inspired by nature and seasonal inspirations. So for now we’ve featured lots of sunflowers and pastels for spring and summer, we’re looking forward to getting more of those harvest colors and those rich tones. I’m really excited for our fall clothing collection and for this season to fit with the season we’re in,” said Martone.

Although she has only been selling her pieces for a few months, she has always loved art and now she can share that love with others.

“We’ve got our online sales and then since May we’ve been somewhere in the state usually every weekend, so we’re doing pop-up events, different maker markets, we’ve done some events at breweries, wineries and we have a lot to do with those.” Holiday season. So we have a busy schedule, but it’s really fun going into the community, meeting other makers and other creators, but also having the direct contact with clients and talking about the art available and making these kinds of connections . So market days are my favorites,” said Martone.

She also offers wholesale options and as we head into the fall season, Martone and her family are excited for what’s next.

“I definitely want to keep growing, our goal is to continue to be inspired by the seasons, especially as part of New England, a New England company, we really want to leverage those different elements, so we’re right here short-term, and we’ll see in the long term,” Martone said.

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