Summer Camp Music Festival returns to central Illinois

CHILLICOTHE Ill. (WMBD) – One of the biggest music festivals is back in central Illinois.

Thousands of people came to Three Sisters Park in Chillicothe for the 22nd annual Summer Camp Music Festival. Over the three days of the festival, more than 50 bands will perform on a variety of stages for the public.

Thousands Attend Last Day of Summer Camp 2022

Alex Hilton arrived from Indiana on Thursday for the pre-party event. He said he was already impressed with the few bands he’s seen so far.

“I saw Moontricks last night, and they integrated EDM, harmonica, banjo and vocals, and rapping! It was the craziest thing I’ve ever seen,” Hilton said. .

While some came to listen and enjoy the music, others also felt welcomed into a space where they said they belonged.

“Everybody wears what they want, everybody does what they want, dances how they want, and you walk in, and you feel free, and that’s really cool,” said Paige Pfister, of Peoria.

Although this is the last year for summer camp to be as big a festival as it is now, some believe downsizing is the right way to go.

“I like the little vibe as it is right now, it’s so easy to get around like camps there, the steps are there, you don’t even have to check in, once you’re in, you’re in,” Hilton says.

Summer Camp festival will be suspended after this year, organizer says

Summer camp ends on Sunday with bands starting to play at noon.


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