T-Mobile will now carry Meta’s Ray-Ban Stories

Towards the end of last year, Facebook, in partnership with Ray-Ban, launched a pair of smart sunglasses called Ray-Ban Stories. Although they have not caught on, they are still a unique and fashionable way to capture photos and videos. Now it looks like T-Mobile will start offering the glasses online and in its retail stores to give users a new place to buy the device.

Although Ray-Bans currently have three models available, T-Mobile will carry the classic Wayfarer design in two sizes, 50mm and 53mm. The device can take pictures and videos with its two 5MP cameras. There’s a physical button that can be pressed to take videos and long-pressed to take pictures. If that’s too cumbersome, it can also accept voice commands. The device also offers audio through its open-ear speakers, which can play music and receive audio from your phone for calls. You can control the sound using the integrated touchpad on the right temple.

If you’re concerned about audio quality for video and voice calls, you’re not alone. Ray-Ban Stories is equipped with three built-in microphones to capture clear audio. The device has 4GB of internal memory that can hold up to 500 images or just over 15 60-second video clips. To see what you’re capturing, you need to download a proprietary app called View. Compatible with iOS and Android, the app allows you to view the photos and videos you have taken.

T-Mobile seems to have a lot going for it lately. The company just last week announced a partnership with SpaceX that will seek to end cellular dead spots in the United States. The wireless carrier also just announced it would be offering Apple TV Plus for free to its Magenta Max subscribers. If you are interested in the Ray-Ban Stories, you can now purchase them directly from T-Mobile. It will retail for $299.99, but also has the option of a one-time payment of $149.99 and $12.50 per month for 12 months.

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