Teams to complete new Quincy Roundabout in two weeks, affected shop opens after six-week delay | Columbia Basin

QUINCY – White Trail Produce at the corner of White Trail Rd./Rd. U and SR 28 are finally open for the season after having to postpone operations by six weeks due to the construction of a new roundabout.

On Friday, Alejandra Toevs, owner of White Trail Produce, confirmed that May 26th is the official opening day for the 2023 season.

The Department of Transportation has reopened White Trail Rd/Rd. U north of SR 28 with a traffic light earlier this week but the south side of the road remains closed.

White Trail Produce is typically open from early to mid-April through mid to late October.

Source ONE News asked Toevs if the State Department of Transportation had offered her compensation for the forced closure, and she replied “no.” Toevs was also asked if she planned to seek compensation from the state, to which she replied, “I don’t know at this point.”

Toevs says one of the biggest impacts on her business is being unable to sell much of her signature asparagus because the harvest is over. Toevs is hoping that above-average traffic will help her make up for six weeks of lost revenue.

As for when the teams will complete the roundabout, Toevs said she was told by ministry officials that the project would be completed by June 5. Toevs says she would be surprised if the area were fully reopened by then. Mention of the estimated completion date comes after a multi-week project delay caused by incorrect concreting that prompted teams to demolish the project and re-pour the concrete.


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