TFT Set 8/8.5 Monsters’ Attack World Championship standings, results and format

A total of 32 Teamfight Tactics players from nine regions around the world competed for the coveted Monsters’ Attack Worlds title and a share of the $456,000 overall prize pool.

Over three days, May 26-28, 32 of TFT’s top players battled it out for the world title in a balanced set of eight/8.5 meta. Five tacticians won worlds, three from China, one from France and one from Korea. Regions at the Monsters’ Attack World Championship included, for the first time, the SEA region with three regional slots.

All players have secured a place in the World Championship either by placing top in the regional finals or by winning the Western and Eastern Last Chance qualifiers. Including the LCQ winners, EMEA has the most representatives at the Monsters’ Attack World Championship.

NA TFT Worlds Tacticians: Wasianiverson, Jukeyou, Rereplay, and Setsuko EMEA TFT Worlds Tacticians: Canbizz, Ging, Haiden, Enzosx, and Kurfuzzled SEA TFT Worlds Tacticians: SVM YBY1, JazLatte, Omnomsy, and NCC1 China TFT Worlds Tacticians: HongLian, Flancy , A Hao, LiLuo and Xian Korea TFT Worlds Tacticians: Dmen, Binteum, Jip Pok, Dr Oh Brazil TFT Worlds Tacticians: Vclf, GVidigal and DobZ LATAM TFT Worlds Tacticians: Nain, TexSummers and Maikel Japan TFT Worlds Tacticians : Korumau7 and Kahdei OCE TFT Worlds Tacticians: Dexterity and Kahdei May 26 TFT Monsters’ Attack World Championship Ranking

Players were split into four lobbies, with placement based on regional performance. A total of six games were played, with lobbies being reset after three rounds. Points were awarded based on lobby placements, with the winner in the lobby receiving eight points and eighth receiving one point. The points were carried over to the second day and no player was deleted after the first day of competition.

China started Day 1 with two lobby wins, along with NA’s Wasianiverson and SEA’s NCC. After three rounds, Enzo was at the top of the leaderboard with back-to-back lobby wins in games two and three. And NA continued to grab the attention of the rest of the field, with Setsuko finishing in second and Rereplay in fourth. Omnomsy from the SEA region also put in a strong performance on day one, sitting in third place with 18 points after three games.

Before the final game of Day 1, the North American region had three of their four tacticians in the top four: Setsuko, Rereplay, and Wasianiverson. Setsuko ended Day 1 atop the TFT Worlds leaderboard with a total of 38 points. Enzo from EMEA was second, Rereplay from North America was third and Flancy from China was fourth.

Screenshot via Riot Games Rising Legends

All points from day one will carry over to day two of the Monsters’ Attack World Championship. Results from day one indicated that the NA region was poised to claim its first TFT Worlds title, but with six games remaining on day two, nothing was set in stone.

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