Thanks to the eSIM, T-Mobile lets you test its network for three months free of charge

And if you want to switch forever, Easy Switch has your back

The flexibility that eSIM offers is unparalleled. Changing your SIM card doesn’t have to be an annoying ordeal, and instead of taking out your SIM tool to insert a physical chip, you can download it onto your phone like any other app. And the fact that it’s now so versatile means switching carriers is easier than ever, as long as your phone supports it. So easy, in fact, that T-Mobile now wants to offer you a free trial of its network so you can see for yourself if magenta life is for you or not.


As The Verge reports, T-Mobile is pushing several new features to make it easier for as many users as possible to switch to T-Mobile. The first, and the one you’ll probably be most interested in, is Network Pass. It’s a component of the T-Mobile app that picks up where the Test Drive program left off. This allows you to test the T-Mobile network for three months free of charge on your Android or iOS device. You also get access to unlimited data during those three months.

If this three-month trial helps you decide and you decide to switch to T-Mobile, another option called Easy Switch can help you quickly switch from your old carrier and get everything set up. Everything is done via eSIM and within the T-Mobile app, so it’s easier than ever. Of course, there are many hurdles to overcome when switching providers, but adopting full eSIM support and being able to switch takes away a lot of the hassle from the process.

The T-Mobile app update that will enable these features is rolling out to iPhones right now, while Android users will have to wait as it will arrive “soon”.

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