The 10 worst luxury sports cars that are giving you maintenance nightmares

If there’s one thing geared fans love, it’s sports cars. Fast and powerful, sports cars are sure to turn heads and make smiles everywhere. However, what makes it even sweeter is when the sports cars also offer luxury and premium comfort. Then we enter the luxury sports car segment, and boy is it a competitive one. The Germans certainly seem to be the strongest players in this category, combining performance and luxury like no other. However, there are many other non-European examples that can hold their own.

With added luxury comes a higher price. In this case, if you pay the maximum amount for a luxury sports car, you don’t want the car draining your bank account with expensive and constant maintenance and repairs. Sure, the cost of maintaining a great, expensive vehicle isn’t the same as a frugal commuter car, but it should never be so extreme that you regret your purchase. Cars like the Porsche 911 and BMW Z4 are some of the most luxurious sports cars on the market today, but their maintenance costs are also quite a headache. With that in mind, here are 10 luxury sports cars that will give you maintenance nightmares.

10 Nissan GT-R: 41 NHTSA Complaints About: Nissan

The Nissan GT-R is the ultimate Japanese high-performance car that can bring you the thrill you are looking for with its explosive power. But it does have some engine and transmission issues that can be a minor fly in the ointment. However, you should keep in mind that maintenance can be quite expensive.

CarEdge estimates the cost of repairs and maintenance at around $8,243, and RepairPal estimates annual service costs at around $920. Also, if you need to replace the fuel pump, you’ll have to spend between $1,958 and $1,986. Plus, there are also 41 registered complaints against the Nissan GT-R with the NHTSA, which means you would definitely need some frequent trips to the service center.

9 Jaguar F-Type: $15,000 maintenance cost for 10 years of Jaguar F-TYPE

The Jaguar F-Type is a luxury sports car that boasts fantastic performance and equally striking looks. It really seems like a great car. However, the car takes a minor hit in the reliability department. With over 30 complaints, on the other hand, the F-Type is certainly prone to many problems, according to NHTSA.

Regular maintenance costs add up to $13,255 over ten years for the F-Type, and owners end up having to replace the AC evaporator, which averages about $2,400. However, a major problem is fuel leakage into the engine compartment, which also led to the car being recalled.

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8 Dodge Challenger: 1700+ NHTSA Complaints Dodge

The Dodge Challenger is undoubtedly one of the fastest and most powerful cars in the world today. Many enthusiasts consider the Challenger their dream car, and while it’s still reasonably affordable, the average reliability comes with some incessant problems.

Challenger owners typically experience steering vibration, harsh downshifts, and repeated instances of fuel tank nozzle shutoff while refueling the car. CarEdge estimates servicing the Dodge Challenger for ten years should set you back about $8,436, with an additional expensive replacement being the speed sensor, which costs about $860. The Challenger has about 31 safety recalls, many of them due to issues with the airbags, engine and transmission.

7 BMW Z4: 600+ NHTSA Complaints Via: BMW Press Group

BMW’s sports cars haven’t been the most reliable over the years, and that’s especially true of the Z4. Owners of this sport roadster have had to deal with issues like engine overheating, oil leaks, failing push rod bushings and even coolant leaks.

To date, BMW has had to recall the Z4 22 times, and it should cost you around $14,000 to keep the car running for a decade. That’s certainly higher than the segment average, and 600+ NHTSA complaints about the car doesn’t really look good.

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6 Porsche 718 Boxster: $15,670 maintenance cost for 10 years via Pcarmarket

The German titan Porsche is practically synonymous with sports cars today, and the mid-engined 718 Boxster is definitely one of the most sought-after sports cars for gearheads. However, what usually goes unnoticed, despite the excellent handling and fantastic spec sheet, is the car’s below-par reliability rating.

RepairPal ranked Porsche last out of 32 brands for reliability, and it shows in the Boxster, where owners have to spend about $15,670 over 10 years to keep the 718 Boxster in good condition. Problems with the car’s airbags, engine, suspension and fuel system have also resulted in 8 safety recalls since its debut in 2017.

5 Chevrolet Corvette: 55 problems reported Mecum Auctions

The Chevrolet Corvette went from a supercar killer to a supercar. Of course, this kind of performance requires a lot of money, but maintaining the Corvette and repairing it when necessary will also set you back significantly.

According to CarEdge, you’d spend about $771 to have the Corvette serviced annually, and RepairPal highlights about 55 common problems with the car. Fuel level sensor failure is the most common problem, while the engine, transmission and steering also show worrying reliability.

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4 Mercedes-Benz SLC 300: 11,200 USD maintenance costs for 10 years Mercedes-Benz Group Media

In the RepairPal analysis, Mercedes-Benz ranked 27th out of 32 brands tested for reliability. Another German roadster that looks great and drives great, the Mercedes-Benz SLC 300 is set back by its many problems and costly long-term maintenance prices.

The SLC 300’s eCall system had led to a recall of the car in the past, along with brake overheating becoming a serious problem. A 10-year basic service and maintenance fee for the SLC 300 is about $11,200, and the engine oil level sensor, which is a required replacement, would cost you about $1,000.

3 Porsche 911: 44 recalls Porsche UK

The quintessential sports car, the Porsche 911 has been one of the most demanding gearhead cars around the world for years. However, owning the car comes with its fair share of problems, including engine oil leaks, misfires, brake fluid leaks, and faulty electrical parts.

RepairPal reports the top complaint on the 911 as a separator oil leak, and repairs sure are expensive. Depending on the age of the 911, along with its mileage and use case, one could expect to spend around $18,200 to service the car for over ten years. Also, 44 ​​recalls were carried out on the Porsche 911 due to concerns about airbags, suspension, fuel system and even the engine.

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2 Maserati GranTurismo: $2,000 to $3,000 maintenance costs per year Maserati

One of the most stylish Italian luxury sports cars on the market, the Maserati GranTurismo may certainly look like a car to wish for, but there are reasons not to buy this car. GranTurismo owners have reported to Vehicle that the sports car’s annual maintenance costs can range from $2,000 to $3,000.

In addition, replacing some components of the Maserati GranTurismo in the event of damage can cost even more than 9,000 US dollars. With such high maintenance costs and Maseratis commonly known as money pits, the GranTurismo is a luxury sports car best avoided.

1 Ferrari LaFerrari: $24,000+ maintenance costs per year via Ferrari

The Ferrari LaFerrari holds the crown of being the most naturally aspirated engine ever in a road Ferrari, and it certainly comes at a price to match. While the LaFerrari costs around $1.5 million, you would also pay about a quarter of that if you service the car for ten years.

Front tire replacements for the LaFerrari cost about $1,000, while rear tires cost about $1,800. Plus, replacing the brakes could even cost as much as $40,000, and annual maintenance for the LaFerrari tops the $24,000 mark.

Sources: CarEdge, RepairPal, NHTSA, Consumer Reports


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