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The Anchorage Tavern in Somers Point, NJ will not reopen today

We have confirmed from officials in Somers Point, New Jersey and public comments from attorney Alexander Barrera, important news regarding the iconic The Anchorage Tavern.

Barrera represents Mike Fitzgerald, who we can now reveal for the first time is set to become the new owner of The Anchorage Tavern.

For this transaction, Fitzgerald will do business as MPF741 LLC.

The Anchorage Tavern is the oldest establishment in the history of Somers Point, New Jersey…in operation since 1888…that’s an incredible 135 years.

Barrera appeared in open session at the Somers Point City Council meeting last night, Thursday, March 23, 2023.

Barrera was elegant, polite and very professional throughout his brief presentation to the Somers Point City Council.

It was also brief, as in disbelief Barrera was limited to 3 minutes of time allotment to speak and he never once complained.

Barrera actually apologized at the end of his presentation, in case he ran out of time.

We learned that it is a transaction of at least 3 1/2 million dollars. A three-minute time limit should have been lifted as a matter of course, however, we don’t want to get bogged down in that…I want to share with you where all of this is at right now.

Anchorage owner and operator Don Mahoney retired upon completion of the works on Saturday March 18, 2023.

The stated aim was to reopen today, Friday March 24, 2023. See signage posted directly below:

Photo by Don P. Hurley.

Photo by Don P. Hurley.

Somers Point City officials have confirmed that The Anchorage Tavern will not be reopening today.

We have also been informed that it is likely that The Anchorage Tavern will not be able to reopen this weekend, or possibly even longer.

The delay in Mahoney’s sale to Fitzgerald is the transfer of Anchorage Tavern’s liquor license.

Somers Point City Council Resolution No. 77 of 2023 has been removed from the agenda as the survey required to obtain the liquor license has not yet been approved.

The delay is not at the local Somers Point level. This phase of the investigation is currently taking place at the New Jersey State Division of Alcoholic Beverage Control (ABC).

Therefore, the transfer of Mahoney’s liquor license to Fitzgerald cannot proceed at this time.

Barrera politely shared his frustration that the liquor license approval and transfer has not yet been approved.

Barrera said this process began 129 days ago and “the requester has been fully diligent, responsive and transparent,” Barrera said.

Barrera also said his client was clean and qualified.

This means that there is a “dry sale”, but not a final close.

Barrera assured the Somers Point City Council that his client was ready and once the liquor license was approved for his client, the sale would be finalized.

The Anchorage Tavern posted the following on their Facebook page:

“Due to property turnover we will be closed in preparation for reopening, stay tuned for more information and details. We look forward to seeing you in the next few days… Also, gift certificates currently held WILL BE HONORED when we reopen, no worries! Thanks for your patience!”

The Anchorage Tavern is an exceptional restaurant that has been open for 135 consecutive years.

Make no mistake, they will reopen as soon as the liquor license sale and transfer is finalized.

Photo by Don P. Hurley.

Photo by Don P. Hurley.

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