The Art Angle Podcast: Why art biennial superstars exist in a parallel universe [Re-Air]

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This year has been a big year for biennials with the Whitney Biennale in New York, the Venice Biennale in Italy and – a particularly tense edition – the Documenta in Kassel, Germany, among many, many more.

Earlier this year, our team at Artnet analyzed hundreds of these exhibitions over the past five years to identify the Biennale’s biggest stars. As we prepare for the fall art season, we thought it would be useful to revisit the episode in which national arts critic Ben Davis and Europe editor Kate Brown discuss the surprising findings.

You can read more about the entire project on Artnet News and Artnet News Pro, which includes an extremely lengthy list of all the artists in our dataset, which galleries they represent, and an essay on what it means to be a biennial artist.

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