The art of personal brooding was revived

There’s a lot to find fault with in breaking news – Ukraine, climate change and, depending on your perspective, the recent series of Supreme Court decisions.

But I’ve noticed that in all of this opportunity to complain about the big picture, we’ve lost something else: the opportunity for the good ole personally complains.

Pat Snyder

How, you might be wondering, do I dare complain that my microwave is going out when the world is in a shambles? Button up, we tell ourselves, and keep going! Look on the bright side!

After buttoning myself up for a while, I was thrilled to stumble across an article that discouraged thinking about misery but encouraged us to at least say to ourselves, ‘This sucks. I’m dissatisfied with what’s going on.” I was also surprised at how much practice it took to break the no-grasp habit.

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