The Elizabeth City company is offering a great deal to stop violence in the city

ELIZABETH CITY, NC (WAVY) — We all love a nice frozen treat in the summer.

Frosty Snowball in Elizabeth City offers tasty treats to help rid the community of crime.

“The neighborhood needed something,” said Frosty Snowball owner Reubin Houston.

Growing up in the city, he grew increasingly frustrated with the violence.

“There’s a lot of pointless shooting around town,” Houston said, “and if maybe the kids had something to do or something to do at that moment, maybe that wasn’t going to happen at that point.”

This is how Frosty Snowball was born.

It’s in the Shepard Street neighborhood so it’s not far for neighborhood kids.

“My main goal was to make sure I was bringing something positive to my community,” Houston said.

He wanted everyone to be able to join in the fun.

The menu has so many options starting as low as $2.

“You get a great product and it’s an affordable product,” Houston said. “Something affordable that anyone can afford.”

Even on a chilly day, customers would come by to try the flavored ice cream.

Behind the beautiful creations is owner Destiny Thompson.

They look at the menu and see all their different visions. The unicorn snowball has all the fun colors that resemble the mystical creature. You can get the Shark Attack with a blue flavor reminiscent of the sea and a red flavor topped with a gummy treat.

“It’s like an art in a snowball. They put different flavors together,” she said.

She assures you that your ice cream is at the perfect temperature to form the perfect snowball.

“Ice, ice, ice. As long as the ice is at the right temperature, it gives the good snow consistency that we want,” said Thompson.

The variety of options keeps Jessica Skinner coming back every day.

This time she tried one of the gourmet variations: the banana pudding snowball.

“I tried it for the first time and it’s really good,” she said.

This snowball contains cream and whipped cream to make it taste like his inspiration, the banana pudding.

Skinner doesn’t just get treats for herself. She leaves a few extra bucks so the neighborhood kids can join in the fun even if they don’t have cash on hand.

“I didn’t have it when I came up. That’s something I do. I support.”

This is exactly the environment Houston wanted to create in this neighborhood.

“It’s like a dream,” Houston said.


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