The handsome puppeteer behind The Little Mermaid Flounder has completely muddled the internet

Photo credits: Instagram, @chrisgeorgescott (left), The Little Mermaid, Disney (right)

You all owe Flounder an apology!

With Disney’s long-awaited live-action reimagining of The Little Mermaid now hitting theaters, people have been pretty hard on Ariel’s little beast.

In the original 1989 animated classic, Flounder was colourful, cute and cuddly – your typical cartoon sidekick. But for some reason everyone was surprised when we got our first glimpse of the photorealistic flounder in the new film and it looked like… a fish! What did you expect?

While “Flunder 2.0” is voiced by Room’s Jacob Tremblay, it’s brought to life by a slew of fast-paced, computer-generated imagery that we can barely comprehend, but also—more importantly—by a live dancer and puppeteer on set .

And baby? This flounder puppeteer is hot. Who’s laughing now?

Meet Chris George Scott, the handsome man behind the fish.

Scott is a UK-based dancer, actor and choreographer who has worked for the Royal Opera House and the National Dance Company of Wales and performed in the musical Wicked in London’s West End. He also starred in 2018’s ‘Mary Poppins Returns’ – so The Little Mermaid isn’t even his first dance with Disney!

And it just so happens that Scott is gay (whoops!). While we’re sorry to report that he’s actually taken (boo!), he’s happily married and they’re so cute together (aww!).

Celebrating the new film’s release, Scott praised the “extraordinary” new Ariel, Halle Bailey and the production team for making the “crazy adventure” possible.

Apparently he wore quite a few hats on set, writing in the caption, “From puppetting Ursula’s tentacles, to playing countless sea creatures, to dancing in the village scene, filling in for Max the dog (I’m not kidding), and even him Come puppeteers flounder in Sardinia. It was the wildest and wettest ride.”

Speaking of wet… Now that Gay Twitter™ knows about Scott, they take back what they said earlier about Flounder.

We’ll just leave these here…

Um, so where have we been? Oh right! The little mermaid! Funnily enough, this isn’t even the first time the internet has thirsted for the aquatic life in the film.

Earlier this month, one of the background actors, who plays a “merman” in the film, posted some BTS footage that quickly made its way onto Twitter, getting everyone ready to take a deep dive.

After following the virtual trail on Instagram to find some of these merfolk, we’re starting to think Sebastian the crab nailed some things when he sang, “Darling it’s better down where it’s nasser.”

Let’s take the plunge!


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