The If You Give a Child a Book campaign is giving away books to Cleveland students

CLEVELAND — News 5 Cleveland is proud to once again be a part of the annual If You Give a Child a Book campaign, which begins Monday and runs through September 9, to ensure children across the country and here in Cleveland Books have access to books. This year, News 5 is partnering with the Stephanie Tubbs Jones School in Cleveland to make more books available to their students.

Find out more about the “If you give a child a book” campaign and donate now by clicking here.

According to Seeds of Literacy, two-thirds of Cleveland is functionally illiterate. That means they might struggle with mundane things like reading a medicine bottle or filling out an application.

The fight starts early. A child who cannot read at grade level in third grade is four times less likely to graduate from high school.

Bringing books into a child’s home is a great help. That is the mission of our campaign “If you give a child a book”.

For the last several years, News 5 has been able to help Wade Park Elementary School students send home new books, and it’s making a difference.

“I just saw a lot of books in hands, which is one of those things that we don’t always see, kids who have books with them,” said Sondra Powers, assistant principal at Wade Park Elementary.

This year, News 5 and the Scripps Howard Foundation are partnering with the Stephanie Tubbs Jones School to reach underserved children living in poverty, with a special focus on the critical Kindergarten through third grade, when children are still learning to read .

For every $5 donated, the Scripps Howard Fund gives a book to a child in need.

Click here to donate now.

The aim of the campaign is to give every student 10 age-appropriate and culturally relevant books per year. Ten is the number of books children need annually to improve their reading skills, according to experts.

The teachers at Stephanie Tubbs Jones School are exceptional educators dedicated to giving students the tools they need to read. The annual If You Give a Child a Book… campaign amplifies their work by helping students build home libraries — and filling them with books children have chosen for themselves.

Several college studies have found that when children choose their own books, they are more likely to enjoy reading and do better on comprehension tests. The Scripps Howard Fund’s partnership with Scholastic Books ensures children can do just that. We are bringing Scholastic Book Fairs to Stephanie Tubbs Jones School for students to choose their own books to take home.

When children have access to reading materials that represent different abilities, cultures, beliefs, races and ethnicities, they influence attitudes about those differences. In doing so, these books promote positive self-esteem and promote respect, empathy and acceptance. Books should not be a luxury item out of the reach of low-income children. They are indispensable for a balanced reading diet for children and pave the way to a successful future. Simply put, “When you give a child a book…” you are giving a child a chance.

Donate to the program now by clicking here and choosing your donation amount.

The Scripps Howard campaign aims to distribute its 1 millionth book through the If You Give a Child a Book campaign. Click here to find out more about the foundation’s national efforts to ensure children across the country have access to books.

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