The internet is toasting Leonardo DiCaprio after his latest breakup

Leonardo DiCaprio roasted online

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As the night divides the days, as the inevitability of death Leonardo DiCaprio broke up with another girlfriend after reaching the ripe old age of 25. Understandably, the memes are in force.

The Oscar winner’s odd dating habits have been well known for a while, but adding another breakup to his list has the masses curious. Camila Morrone had turned 25 and after four years of dating, the 47-year-old actor decided enough was enough. Since no one knows exactly why they broke up, all the answers have come in the form of memes.

The internet specializes in topics like this, with a barrage of shitposting seen online as DiCaprio is dragged along by many. One Twitter user ponders exactly how DiCaprio does it with each of his spouses and thinks they may have cracked the cold case.

Others took a very different angle, joking that during any relationship lately, he freaks out when he realizes his partner can’t remember the 9/11 attacks.

Added to this were the reaction video memes with people like Hannah Montana and house of the dragon graces some quality online gimmicks.

It’s also very bad news for Netflix, which just celebrated its 25th birthday, although DiCaprio might be right up there with the new tier of advertising.

They say art comes from adversity, so maybe now Morrone can produce a world-class comedy/drama about a woman who has to hide her 25th birthday from DiCaprio.

And let’s face it, it doesn’t get much more cutting than this:

Maybe one day DiCaprio will buck the trend and stay with a friend after her 25th birthday. Stranger things have happened, but don’t bet your house on them.

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