The lemon-lime Gatorade debate sweeping the internet

When the Tennessee Volunteers football team posted a video on TikTok asking if lemon-lime Gatorade (one of the most popular Gatorade flavors) was yellow or green, a heated debate ensued — one that spanned social media -Platform has moved out. Yes, this discussion has caught the internet’s attention, especially since there doesn’t seem to be a right or wrong answer. Apparently, soccer players can’t agree on one boldly declaring, “It’s yellow. You’re psychotic,” and another says, “If you think that’s yellow, you need to reevaluate your vision.” When you hold it up to a John Deere, it definitely looks yellow, but when you compare it to a green grape , it suddenly appears green. It’s all very confusing.

While one commenter attempted to clear up the ramblings by pointing out that “Yellow 5” is the only coloring in the ingredients, the Today folks decided to play it safe and back away from the argument. Even the Gatorade brand itself chimed in with a not-so-helpful TikTok response: “Damn, why do you have to throw me like that,” making the issue as clear as mud. Perhaps one way to flatter this argument is to say that Gatorade Lemon Lime is Chartreuse – a perfect blend of yellow and green – and creates the ideal win-win solution. That too is of course up for discussion.

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