The Library Committee forms a committee to review contested books

The Abilene Public Library board of directors voted Monday to create a standing three-person committee to review books recommended for the library’s formal “reconsideration” process that individual readers deemed questionable.

The Board also recommended that a decision be taken on a book recommended for reconsideration, Let’s Talk It: A Teenager’s Guide to Sex, Relationships and Being Human, by Robert Hanna, Abilene City Manager.

The board also voted to recommend that Hanna move the single copy of the system, which contains graphic depictions of human sexuality, from the Abilene Public Library branch in the Mall of Abilene to the downtown branch and place it in the adult books to keep in this collection.

The cover of "Let us talk about it," a book about human sexuality aimed at teenagers and controversial at the Abilene Public Library.

These materials are located in the basement of the main library, on a different floor from the children’s section.

Hanna will make a final decision on the book’s place in the collection or whether to remove it.

In previous comments, Hanna said he doesn’t believe the book, which was kept in the adult section of the mall’s library but was reportedly found on an end cap allowing minors to access it, should be in the city’s collection.

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