The Minnesota farm is set to become the world’s largest corn maze

Stoney Brook Farms aims to break a record with their 110-acre corn maze.

FOLEY, Minnesota — Stoney Brook Farms’ corn maze in central Minnesota spans 110 acres and is possibly one of the largest in the world.

The third-generation vegetable farm has been feeding Minnesotans for years, and now they hope to be able to keep them entertained. The Chmielewski family started the labyrinth six years ago. It was Mother Nature that prompted her to build the world’s largest maze.

“It’s all about adaptation,” said farmer Brad Chmielewski. “The drought hit us hard last year. I think a lot of farmers are still trying to recover from that.”

Brad grew up on the farm his grandmother started. His father Mark is technically still his boss.

“He’s my number one son,” joked Mark, since Brad is also his only son.

If Stoney Brook Farms looks familiar, that’s probably because they supply vegetables to local grocery stores like Cub Foods. The family also has a vegetable stand in St. Cloud, which is popular with cabin-goers who head to lakes.

Brad says the corn maze, located south of Foley in Benton County, is a fun way to get people on the farm to see what they do for a living.

Possibly the largest corn maze in the world, it’s set to draw crowds, if they don’t let the maze-themed Halloween characters scare them off, of course. Freddie Krueger, Jason Voorhees, Pennywise, Michael Meyers and the Chucky doll are all part of the maze. KARE 11’s drones attempted to capture them all at once, but could not fly high enough to cover the entire maze.

“Farming is always an overnight adventure. You never know what you’re going to do,” Mark said. “I think that’s why we like it.”

Brad and Mark aren’t going to praise the idea for the corn maze themselves. It was Brad’s wife who thought of it. The maze has remained under 20 acres for the past six years. They decided to make it big or go home after finding out who holds the Guinness Book of World Records for the largest corn maze.

“Why is the record in California? it was going to be a Midwest record,” Brad said.

He says the current record is in Dixon, California. The labyrinth measures about 50-60 hectares. He says if they can get someone to confirm they have the world’s largest corn maze, then it’s official. If you want to try it yourself for now, click here.

Stoney Brook Farm fall activities begin on September 10th. Don’t worry about getting lost in the maze, they have a barcode you can scan to load a map!

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