The organizers want to build the world’s largest Lebanon-Bologna sandwich at the Lebanon Area Fair

LEBANON COUNTY, Pennsylvania – The Lebanon Valley may soon be home to the world’s largest Lebanese bologna sandwich!

Visit Lebanon Valley is partnering with local businesses to create the giant Lebanon Bologna Sandwich on Tuesday, July 25 from 5-7pm at the Lebanon Area Fair.

However, breaking records is not the sole purpose of the sandwich. The organizers will also work with Lebanon County Christian Ministries to help fight hunger in the Lebanon Valley.

The grand plan is to assemble and unveil the Lebanon Bologna sandwich by Seltzer’s Smokehouse Meats during the show’s Community Night.

All show-goers are encouraged to watch the set-up and enjoy a complimentary slice of the finished sandwich along with plenty of toppings from the accompanying Fixin’s bar.

The Lebanon-Bologna issue doesn’t end here! The theme continues beyond the sandwich with stickers, buttons and t-shirts. Guinness World Records does not confirm this, but those responsible promise that the sandwich will be big and full of bologna!

Prior to the event, guests are encouraged to join the ‘take a bite out of hunger’ campaign by sponsoring a 12 inch ‘bite’ of the sandwich.

Each Long Foot sponsor is $100 and all sponsorship fees go directly to Lebanon County Christian Ministries as a tax-deductible donation. With the goal of a 150ft sandwich, that’s potentially $15,000 donated to LCCM!

For comparison, $100 provides 50 free lunches, $200 provides a family of four with an additional grocery order, and $500 provides groceries for 10 single-person households.

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