The Syracuse University Art Museum announces Alesandra Temerte ’23 as a 2022-23 Kaish Fellow

The Syracuse University Art Museum has announced Alesandra (Sasha) Temerte ’23 as a Luise and Morton Kaish Fellow 2022-23.

Alesandra (Sasha) Temerte

Through the philanthropic donation of Syracuse University alumni and prominent artists Luise ’46, G’51 and Morton Kaish ’49, the Kaish Fellowship program was launched in 2021. The program provides undergraduate students of all disciplines with funding to conduct original research on the permanence of an art collection and to work with museum staff on exhibitions, scholarly publications, and public programs.

Temerte is a senior at Syracuse University and has a dual degree in economics and writing and public speaking with minors in Spanish and strategic management. She is a Coronet Scholar, a member of the Renée Crown Honors Program and Remembrance Scholar 2022-23.

As a writer, Temerte was interested in the concept of storytelling through fragments. Through her courses at Syracuse University, her fragmented storytelling approach continues to take shape in prose, depicting stories through the lens of ephemeral moments and snippets of meaning that tell a larger narrative.

Recently she has explored writing in multimedia forms, often combining prose, poetry, images and video. Temerte’s interest in the abstract and surreal led her to apply for the Kaish Scholarship and envisions creating a small booklet of poetry for her graduation project.

On this occasion, Temerte plans to work with interim chief curator Melissa Yuen to explore artworks by Luise and Morton Kaish, as well as other artists in the permanent collection, that explore collisions and disruptions.


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