The Xbox Game Pass Friends and Family is official and currently in testing


Only recently there was a leak about a new one Xbox Game Pass friends and family Package. Today, Microsoft has confirmed the rumor and even published the prices. There are no local prices yet, but this is how it works.

From the Xbox official website, the Xbox Game Pass Friends and Family package can add up to five individual accounts (including the main owner), and each account has its own Xbox profile and games. These five accounts don’t have to be in the same household and they can all play it at the same time, play the same game as well as together.

However, this new Game Pass is only valid for players who live in the same country. Microsoft is currently testing the plan in Ireland and Colombia, priced at €21.99 per month and COP 49,900 per month, respectively. If we followed the pricing of the latter that would be around RM50 and divided by five it’s only RM10 which is pretty cheap. For Ireland each individual would only pay less than €5.

Microsoft plans to expand the plan to other regions in the future. Rumor has it that it could cost $25 a month in the US. In Malaysia, our currency may cost less as we pay RM15 per month for Xbox PC Game Pass. The Xbox Game Pass Friends and Family plan is the same as the Xbox PC Game Pass, which allows gamers to play Xbox games on day one, an EA Play membership, and others.

At the moment this seems to be intended for Xbox players, but we are hoping that it can be implemented for Xbox PC Game Pass for Southeast Asian countries like ours. Stay tuned to for more trending tech news.

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