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This is New Jersey’s most delicious cookie you have to try

We all have our favorites when it comes to cookies.

Some people like traditional cookies like oatmeal or chocolate chip cookies, and sugar cookies are enjoyed by many. Others might like some of the newer, more creative cookies like the Oreo or even the Girl Scouts “Thin Mints.”

Whatever you prefer, I think we can all agree that a good cookie is always a tasty treat. RUMEYSA AYDINE RUMEYSA AYDINE

In a recent Lovefood article, they selected an Essex County bakery as having the best cookie in New Jersey — and it’s the iconic “chocolate chip.”

According to their article, “There are many things The Corner brunch does exceptionally well: tasty avocado toast, pancakes and great coffee. But the chocolate chip cookie is in a class of its own. C is something of a local legend and has been known to sell out incredibly early in the morning, leaving many people empty-handed.”

I love my wife’s homemade chocolate chip, oatmeal and peanut butter cookies. These three cookies are my favorites, but I love all kinds of cookies – and they go well with a good cup of coffee.

According to Savory Experiments, the “best” homemade cookies are: Arturo Esparza Arturo Esparza

“Who doesn’t love a perfect cookie that’s slightly crispy on the outside and perfectly soft and chewy in the middle? And whether it’s classic chocolate chips or something more adventurous like lavender shortbread, United States is full of the most incredible sweet creations.”

Have you ever been to “The Corner” bakery in Montclair?

If so, have you tried their famous chocolate chip cookies? Give us your opinion

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