Thunderbird executive education programs are ranked #20 in the world by the Financial Times

May 26, 2023

The Thunderbird School of Global Management at Arizona State University was recognized in the Financial Times Executive Education Ranking for 2023 for its exceptional delivery of tailored and open enrollment programs. The prestigious global ranking, released May 22, ranks Thunderbird’s bespoke executive education programs 20th globally – ahead of the University of Oxford and the University of Cambridge – and 4th in the United States, among the 75th best programs worldwide.

The 2023 ranking also ranked Thunderbird #5 in the world for best “custom study abroad programs” and #11 for “most international participants” in open enrollment programs. Schools are evaluated annually and include various criteria such as program design, teaching methods and materials, degree of internationality, study abroad programs, ability to innovate, value for money, growth, partner schools and faculty diversity. Thunderbird’s executive education programs help increase performance and improve the organizational capacity of global institutions in need of tailored executive programming. Photo courtesy of Thunderbird School of Global Management. Download full image

“We are proud of our world-class portfolio of leadership development programs and our ability to partner with leading companies, governments and institutions around the world,” said Sanjeev Khagram, Thunderbird CEO and Dean. “Our top ranking in this year’s Financial Times rankings demonstrates our ability to not only design, but also deliver, innovative and transdisciplinary professional learning opportunities for executives and managers virtually anywhere in the world.”

Through Thunderbird’s Executive Education programs, organizations and individuals around the world have benefited from a wide range of tailored learning experiences, offering multi-day engagements both online and in person. These tailored programs have helped increase performance and improve the organizational capacity of global institutions that need leadership programs tailored to their people or audience.

“Through ASU’s Learning Enterprise and other partner schools within ASU, we are able to deliver cutting-edge executive learning—from fully immersive to 100% digital—in any modality,” said Khagram.

Thunderbird’s individual programs are tailored to the specific needs of different countries and industries. These programs have been delivered to government officials in Oman, chemical companies in Saudi Arabia, global health organizations in the United States and Germany, and public and commercial entities in Indonesia.

“Thunderbird is at the forefront of cutting-edge leadership development programs, making it a key entity within ASU’s Learning Enterprise,” said Maria Anguiano, executive vice president of ASU’s Learning Enterprise (LE). “As we at LE drive universal access to learning at all stages of life, global leadership and management are key competencies that are transferrable to all industries. Through ASU and Thunderbird, these capabilities are within everyone’s reach.”


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