Twitter is finally testing an edit button, and the internet is split over the change

twitters hereditary The edit button is finally here – sort of!

The social media platform officially started testing the long-awaited feature on Thursday, although not everyone will have access to it from Day 1.

“If you see an edited tweet, it’s because we’re testing the edit button,” Twitter’s official account tweeted Thursday morning.

“It will happen and you will be fine.”

Twitter is testing the feature internally and will soon roll it out to a “select group of individuals,” Twitter Canada spokeswoman Cam Gordon said in a press release.

This select group includes Twitter Blue subscribers in Canada, Australia, New Zealand and the United States. It’s unclear how many people will be trapped, but the trial is expected to begin in late September.

The reaction on the platform was immediate and not entirely positive.

Some people said it will”fantastic‘ to correct their mistakes, while others complained that tweets will no longer be a permanent snapshot of someone’s thoughts.

“It was fun while it lasted” wrote a critic. “Twitter was special because it was immutable.”

“The most dangerous thing you can do. Think what politicians and fascists could do with it.” warned Sports journalist Keith Olberman. “And sports commentators.”

Another popular tweet declared that the edit button will “literally ruin” Twitter’s legacy. “People can easily manipulate their old and problematic tweets and wash away their sins,” according to the user added.

“Not if the tweet says it’s edited,” another user answered.

Although some people are obviously hesitant about the change, Twitter seems to have already considered these issues.

Twitter explained on his website that there will be limits on the edit button so you can’t go back and change something stupid you wrote five years ago.

Test users can only edit their tweets “a few times in the 30 minutes after they’re published.”

Tweets that have been modified are marked as “edited” on the platform, and there is a timestamp and icon so you can see exactly when the change was made.

An example of an edited tweet.An example of an edited tweet.Courtesy of Twitter

You can also tap that label and see the tweet’s edit history, so those typos and old takes are still visible online.

According to Twitter, these boundaries are “important” to protect the “integrity of the conversation” and to keep a public record of what’s been said.

Twitter Blue is a monthly subscription service, which means you’ll likely have to pay if you want to edit your tweets later this year.

It’s unclear if regular users will eventually get access to the edit button, but we hope so!

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