Two books that explore the depths of black life

The intricate complexity of the Black experience permeates America’s cultural and historical strata. From the earliest days of this nation’s founding, Black Americans have striven with grace, vision, and talent to tell their stories in such a pervasively vulnerable way that the tradition of Black literature has survived and evolved with the birth of each new generation.

The tradition of documenting the reality of black life through prose, poetry, essays, and scholarly books stands firm in this postmodern era. Here are two books that offer myriad perspectives from Black creative voices.

Lunar Phoenix: An Anthology of Black Voices (Quail Bell Press)

Lunar Phoenix is ​​an upcoming collection of short stories, poems and essays by a number of incredible black authors. One of the 34 contributors to the book, Jordan A. McCray, describes Lunar Phoenix as a collection that “creates a channel for black writers to define their experiences as, ‘I traverse every single space in this world, I.’ know I am equally important in all.”

Due for release in September 2022, this book offers readers the opportunity to connect with imaginative, intelligent writers who share their extraordinary gifts. “Steven Van Patten’s dystopian tale illustrates the gripping mission of a teenager who completes his pizza delivery route in a white neighborhood and faces discrimination, hatred and racial profiling from the moment he steps through the gates, and Anita Shaw’s maternal poem reveals hers Fears and dreams for her son, whom she must painfully remind of prejudice for his own safety in a world that denigrates her community.”

It is vital that the Black community supports such anthologies to preserve the literary expression of our artists.

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