Two very different St. Patrick’s Days

ARCHBALD, Pa. — The friendly sons of Grand Wilkes-Barre of Saint Patrick held their 77th annual dinner party at Mohegan, Pa. in Plains Township, a tradition that dates back generations.

“He has family values, we have a lot of brothers, cousins, fathers who bring their sons, uncles, nephews, so it’s not just family, it’s also community-wide,” said said Charles Karney.

More than 500 people came to raise funds for the various needs of the community. Lawyer Neil O’Donnell received the Man of the Year award from his friendly son.

“It was a wonderful and unexpected honour, and I’ve attended the dinner for years with my dad and even our grandfather, so it was very kind of the Friendly Sons, and I really appreciate the award. “, O’Donnell said.

In Lackawanna County, the Celtic Women of Archbald celebrated the holiday.

For seven years ladies have come to Barrett’s Pub for a night out in good company.

“This is a group of women who come together and are proud of who we are and very proud of our history and who we are,” said Kelly Kudrich,

Irish roots run deep in northeastern Pennsylvania, and groups like the Celtic Women of Archbald want to spread their Irish pride, especially for generations to come.

“We were born and raised here, and it’s an older town, so we’re trying to bring all Archbald Irish people together and celebrate this holiday that we love so much,” Coleen Janeski said.

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