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Tyra Banks is leaving Dancing with the Stars.

The 49-year-old model is stepping down as the show’s host after just three seasons, with Tyra revealing that she intends to focus on her other business interests instead.

She told TMZ: “I think it’s time for me to really focus on my business and entrepreneurship and also producing more television – but behind the scenes. I think it’s time to move from the dance floor to the stock market… from the ballroom to the boardroom.

“Wait, wait, wait – drop the mic.”

Tyra then explained that she would like to devote more time and energy to her business.

The model said: “I think it’s about time.

“I’m an entrepreneur at heart… I think my heart, my soul, is in my business, it’s also in the production of new television that we’re working on. We have a new business show coming soon. But I really, really want to focus on my business, and you can’t do that to host a show.

Tyra became the show’s host in 2020.

She revealed at the time that she had been a huge fan of the program “since the beginning.”

Tyra added, “The fun mixed with raw emotion of seeing celebrities step out of their comfort zone, the sizzling dance performances. It always took me back to my days of cranking up ten notches on the runway.”

Tyra also spoke about the challenge of hosting a live TV show.

She said: “Every presenter makes mistakes. It’s just normal. It’s live TV. If it weren’t live, there wouldn’t be any bugs.

“Even with ‘America’s Next Top Model,’ I would screw it up and tell my editors to leave it in. It makes things human and alive… It’s better than being like a doll.”


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