US State of Georgia Passes Resolution to Establish Sisterly Relations with Sindh

ISLAMABAD: The Georgia State Legislature has passed a landmark resolution to establish sister-state-province relations between the US state of Georgia and the Sindh province of Pakistan.

The resolution, introduced by State Representative Farooq Mughal and adopted by the Georgia State Legislature, states that “A brotherly state relationship between the State of Georgia and the Province of Sindh would promote exchanges and mutual trade and would increase the potential for educational, environmental, and cultural relations between the province of Sindh and the state of Georgia.

Pakistan’s Ambassador to the United States Masood Khan called State Representative Farooq Mughal to congratulate him for bringing forward the resolution and said his efforts had made the entire Pakistani American community proud. Calling the resolution a “historic milestone,” Ambassador Masood Khan said the historic resolution would help forge strong and close relations between the two sides and help project the soft power of Pakistan and the United States.

“The resolution provides a framework and a solid basis for the pursuit of mutually beneficial partnerships, both in the public and private domains, in the critical areas of trade, investment, education, environment, culture and exchanges between peoples,” he said.

During his phone conversation, he said that the resolution on sister-state relations will open up prospects for cooperation opportunities between Pakistan and the United States in various fields.

Thanking the Ambassador for his encouragement, Representative Farooq Mughal said he was working closely with business, industry and academia to forge strong partnerships between the two parties. He said he would soon invite political and business leaders from Georgia to visit Pakistan to gain first-hand knowledge and explore the huge business opportunities that exist in the country.

The ambassador also thanked the co-sponsors of the bipartisan resolution, including State Representatives Ron Stephens (R-Savannah), chair of the House Economic Development and Tourism Committee; Mike Cheokas (R-America), chairman of the House Small Business Development Committee; Carl Gilliard (D-Savannah), chair of the Georgia Legislative Black Caucus; and other legislators who contributed to the successful passage of the resolution.

Georgia is the 24th in area and the 8th most populous of the 50 United States. Home to a population of approximately 11 million with a GDP of $580 billion, Georgia’s five-year GDP growth is ranked 14th in the United States.

Sindh province, on the other hand, is Pakistan’s second largest economy with a strong industrial base, coastal access and a highly diversified economy.

State Representative Farooq Mughal represents citizens of District 105, which includes parts of Gwinnett County. He was elected to the House of Representatives in 2022 and currently serves on the Special Rules, Non-Civil Justice, and State Planning and Community Affairs Committees. The bipartisan resolution was submitted by Representative Farooq Mughal to Georgia Governor Brian Kemp, the US Senate and the White House. Ambassador Masood Khan encouraged Representative Farooq Mughal to use his network to facilitate closer ties between the business community and promote people-to-people exchanges.

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