Water World opens for the 44th time over Memorial Day weekend

It’s Memorial Day weekend and you know what that means. Water World officially opens for the season on Saturday.

The community-owned water world opens for the season and offers 52 attractions on 70 beautiful acres. Guests can relax on the lazy river or zoom down one of the Peak attraction’s vertical body slides.

Individuals can also enjoy the Colorado-themed Alpine Springs area, which features the park’s two newest attractions: the Roaring Forks, a dual-track water coaster that allows riders to see and taunt their competitors and be in first place of the park to make fast turns The outdoor saucer is spinning.

The second newest attraction is the Centennial Basin, a two-person raft experience that will fill park-goers’ hearts with Colorado pride as they zoom through an enclosed tube with visual effects that make them feel like they’re descending much faster than they actually are while the riders splash into a Colorado-style mega bowl.


The park also offers funnel cakes and pizza. Park-goers can rest assured that the boardwalk will be filled with these and other great scents while on vacation.

Water World is located west of I-25 at 88th Avenue and Pecos Street in Federal Heights, just 10 minutes from downtown Denver.

Park officials say the gates will open at 9:30 am between May 27 and 29

The community-owned Water World, now in its 44th season, has hosted more than 15 million guests over the years and is again recognized as one of the best parks in the world.

For more information, visit here or call 303-427-SURF.

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