World of Tanks is getting the biggest update of 2022

World of Tanks has released a brand new update for PC players that includes “brand new content and the biggest technical update of 2022”.

Update 1.18 introduces a new map, significant matchmaking changes, rebalanced vehicles and, thanks to preserved blueprints and archived materials, a large convoy of new Italian tanks to bring new content to millions of players worldwide.

Uriy Kuryavyi, World of Tanks PC Publishing Director, considers update 1.18 unique and comprehensive, saying: “I am proud of the hard work of the huge international development team that has worked on this massive update. We updated the performance of many vehicles, improved a large pool of Random Battle locations, and introduced important matchmaking changes for light vehicles and SPGs.”

Kuryavyi added: “Almost all of these new vehicles only existed as an incomplete design project, and only a few of them were physically built into metal. But thanks to the blueprints and archival materials that have been preserved, we have taken these forgotten concepts to the next level, recreating machines in the game as if they existed in real life.”

The new arrival of Italian tank destroyers consists of six researchable vehicles from Tier V to Tier X. All tanks have strong frontal armor, excellent gun depression angles and from Tier VII – a classic autoloader with an unusual implementation as a unique gameplay feature. These include the Semovente M41; Semovente M43 Bassoto; the Semovente Controcarro Mod. 1956 (from this TD the industry takes on its main features); the Controcarro Mod. 67 (embodies the best qualities of Italian tank destroyers); the Controcarro 1 Mk (an incredibly dangerous opponent in close- and medium-range combat); and the Controcarro 3 Minotauro (the jewel in the crown of the new line).

The new map is called Outpost. This is a scenic summer map that combines open green spaces, city ruins and trenches, and an impressive fortress with its own outpost. All these elements make the place varied both visually and playfully.

Tank commanders will welcome important changes to matchmaking. New rules are introduced for balancing light and wheeled tanks, as well as for the number of SPGs per team. The matchmaker will now always try to combine light/wheeled tanks in such a way that both teams from tier VII have an identical number of vehicles with a limit of no more than one in a platoon. As for the number of SPGs, players will start battle with 0-2 SPGs per team.

In update 1.18, players will enjoy new visual changes that scale based on PC capability. It provides vehicle tracks that are starting to look even more realistic. Now in-game vehicles’ tracks unwind correctly when hit, fly away and stay on the ground if the vehicle is hit while moving at high speed.

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