7 Celebrities You Didn’t Know Starred In “Seinfeld.”

His field has introduced the world to some of the craziest TV characters in sitcom history, while its eclectic cast has helped make it one of the greatest comedy series of all time. Other actors’ cameos and small appearances became a staple throughout the series, with leads Elaine, George, Kramer and Jerry having to deal with all of the day-to-day issues they bring into their lives.

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The show has helped advance the acting careers of many previously unknown celebrities and featured established actors showcasing their talent.


Jennifer Coolidge

The actress played one of Jerry’s many friends on the series, who refused to give Jerry a massage despite working as a masseuse. Her romantic time with the stand-up comedian lasted, unsurprisingly, given that Jerry broke up with her at the end of the episode. She looks almost unrecognizable without her signature bleach blonde hair, but she still looks fabulous.


Jennifer Coolidge on how Mike White wrote The White Lotus especially for her

Since I’ve been hereHis field, Jennifer Coolidge made a name for herself through her work Best in Show, A Cinderella Story, American Pie, and Naturally blond, which has established her talent as a comedy powerhouse. She has also received critical acclaim for her recent role on the HBO limited series. The White Lotus.

Sarah Silberman

Sarah Silberman played along His field as Kramer’s girlfriend and has “Jimmy Legs”, meaning that she would uncontrollably twitch her legs when she slept, keeping Kramer awake at night.

Behind the scenes, Sarah and Michael Richards didn’t get along while rehearsing lines, and Silverman revealed that Richards yelled at her when she accidentally messed up a line. However, they ended their collaboration amicably.

Patton Oswalt

Patton Oswalt worked as a video store on the show in 1994, which was his first paid acting gig. From his appearance His field, He would gain more attention for his role in The king of queens.

Patton also ventured into the voice work and starred in it pixar‘s Ratatouille, as well as various other roles in shows such as parks and recreation, community, and veep, as well as more recently in the leading role Netflix adaptation of Neil Gaman‘s The Sandman.

Bryan Cranston

He previously landed the role of Hal Malcolm in the middleand long before his career-defining work breaking Bad as Walter White, Bryan Cranston had a role in it His field as Jerry’s dentist, Tim Whatley.

Tim was one of them Seinfeld’s the craziest characters, participating in many antics that annoyed Jerry, such as being a serial “re-gifter” and converting to Judaism so he could make Jewish jokes. Cranston’s work in Seinfeld helped demonstrate his excellent comedic skills, leading to his better known acting performances.

Courtney Cox

Accomplishing the near-impossible task of landing a roll isn’t one, it’s two of the most iconic New York sitcoms of the ’90s is incredibly impressive for Courtney Coxwho is of course best known for her work on friends as Monica.

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Cox just showed up His field for one episode as, you guessed it, one of Jerry’s girlfriends, who refers to herself as Jerry’s “wife” to take advantage of Jerry’s dry cleaning discount. They naturally break up at the end of the episode, with Jerry “cheating” on her by letting another woman take advantage of the discount.

Bob Odenkirk

Other breaking Bad Alum, Bob Odenkirk, appeared on the classic show about nothing but one of Elaine’s friends. Odenkirk was already acting in other shows at the time, such as the cult sketch comedy show Mr. Show with Bob and David Next David crosswhich showcased the talents of Sarah Silverman and JackBlack.

He rose to fame with his role as Saul Goodman breaking Badleading to the prequel series about his life, Better call Saul.

Debra Brass

Although she would rise to fame with her breakthrough role as Grace in another ABC sitcom, will and grace, Debra Brass was a supporting character in Seinfeld named Beth Lookner.

She worked as a doctor on the show and had a perceived prejudice against dentists, which later turned out to be true, as she also held fairly strong anti-Semitic and racist beliefs. Jerry then, of course, dumped her, marking this as her final appearance on the show.

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