After almost 100 years in business, Palace Cleaners in McAllen is closing its doors

After nearly a century in business, a well-known McAllen dry cleaner is about to close its doors.

Bill Stocker, owner of Palace Cleaners, said he understood everything had to come to an end and he was happy with his decision.

The Dry Cleaner has been in business at their location on 10th Street and Walnut Avenue since 1925.

“I wanted to stay open for at least 100 years, but we had equipment failure and it would have cost a lot of money to restore. Instead of 100 years, we only made it to 98,” said Stocker. “We were here and we were privileged to help so many people in this city.”

Stocker’s family took over the Palace Cleaners in 1951 and he began working there from the age of five.

Palace cleaners have endured many things such as the Great Depression, the Covid-19 pandemic and the development of technology.

“We went from a manual thing to an automatic thing,” Sticker mused.

Stocker said he’s grateful for so many things, including seeing McAllen grow.

“The beauty of this business is that we’ve had the privilege of knowing so many people and being part of the community,” Stocker said.

Palace Cleaners officially closes at 12:00pm on Friday 26th May.

Watch the video above for the full story.


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