Aliens Fireteam Elite Pathogen Expansion lands

Aliens Fireteam Elite Pathogen Expansion

Aliens fans will be happy to know that this is highly anticipated spread of the pathogen is available now and offers a wealth of new game features and is an official expansion for the cooperative first-person shooter Aliens Fireteam Elite. Find out more about what to expect from the new expansion, available now for $15. “The confrontation with the Pathogen Queen is truly the most difficult encounter the crew of the Endeavor has ever experienced.”

“With Pathogen, we wanted to offer players a different experience with the Xenomorphs we know and love. What could we offer to the players roaming that lost ruin over there? As our senior artist modeling gross things, I especially love putting details into some of our most fearsome creatures. The pathogen queen had to look infected but not sickly, she had to feel strong even if the pathogen infected her.

Aliens Fireteam Elite Pathogen Expansion

The asymmetrical design makes her feel infected and further pushes this narrative. It creates more character. I’ve also experimented a lot with texturing her skin. Pale skin can be very difficult to get natural looking and as an artist I can’t rely on patterns or colors. I need to be more subtle when adding color to her skin to make it more interesting and realistic.”

“Creating the Pathogen Queen fight was a really fun and challenging experience. We had a handful of early prototypes where the queen just wiped out humans. Initially, this seemed like a problem, but we quickly found that the more times people fought the Queen, the easier it became for them to fight. This put us in a really good place to fine-tune the mechanics of the encounter and make everything feel just right. That being said, there are some important mechanics that players need to keep in mind when facing the Queen.

Watching their movements and being ready to dodge incoming attacks is crucial, as is identifying their weak spots. However, you will find that the most useful technique is knowing when to simply run for your life. And when you’re in combat, you should always make sure to keep an eye on the queen. You definitely don’t want her to surprise you!”

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