American Furniture Warehouse sponsors Economic Literacy Colorado’s fall fundraiser featuring former Broncos Ryan Harris and Rod Smith

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DENVER — August 31, 2022 — Economic Literacy Colorado (EconLitCo) is hosting a fall fundraising event, Focus on Finance, on September 13, 2022 at the Seawell Ballroom, where former Broncos and Super Bowl champions Ryan Harris and Rod Smith will discuss how important it is it’s understanding personal finances, their own failures and successes, and how financial freedom has enabled them to impact their communities. The event brings together business leaders to highlight the value of financial literacy in Colorado schools.

“Financial and business literacy should be available to all Colorado students if we want them to succeed in the future,” said Harris, who also serves on the EconLitCo Board of Directors. “Rod was one of the first people to teach me about money. did i listen You have to find out at this amazing event for Broncos fans and those who want to make a difference in our community.”

This event will celebrate individuals, community groups and businesses that EconLitCo sees as the standard bearer for good decisions and positive community impact, and will create greater awareness of the need for personal financial and economic education in Colorado.

“I support Focus on Finance because we have freedom in America, and we must protect it by teaching free enterprise, free market and entrepreneurship in our schools so that America remains the greatest country in the world,” said Jake Jabs, CEO of American Furniture Presenting Sponsor of Warehouse and Focus on Finance.

EconLitCo provides business and personal financial education programs and educational materials, including the Stock Market Experience and Invest in Girls programs, to teachers, schools and school districts throughout Colorado. EconLitCo is the only nonprofit organization in the state that provides K-12 teachers with professional development and classroom enrichment opportunities to prepare students to successfully participate in our economic system and achieve personal financial sustainability and self-sufficiency.

Currently, there are no statewide requirements for schools in Colorado to offer a personal finance course, and only about 25% of school districts include personal finance in their recognized leaving qualifications. Meanwhile, Colorado ranks fourth nationally for credit card debt and received a “C” in financial literacy from Champlain College’s Center for Financial Literacy, which ranks all 50 states for their efforts to produce financially literate high school graduates. Additionally, the pandemic has underscored the need for economic and personal finance education, especially in times of economic hardship.

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About Economic Education Colorado

Economic Literacy Colorado empowers Colorado students to gain economic understanding and financial security for a lifetime by providing students, teachers, and districts with economic and personal financial education through university-recognized professional development and instructional resources. To learn more, please visit and follow Economic Literacy Colorado on Facebook, Twitter and LinkedIn.


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