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The constant further development of technology is an integral part of our daily life. The same innovations turn our apartments into smart apartments, allow us to drive our car without touching the steering wheel and much more. Artificial intelligence is also one of these future technologies. In the following lines we will tell you how it is implemented in online casinos like Betano Casino and what are its advantages. The benefits of the so-called artificial intelligence can be many and all will lead to better handling of the online casino gaming and sports betting platforms.

What is artificial intelligence and what are its advantages?

According to its basic definition, this intelligence is the ability of a piece of software, a computer or a machine to use functions that are specific to humans. For example, to think, learn new things, make plans or forge. Systems that use artificial intelligence could cleverly adapt themselves and their behavior, analyze results and statistics of past actions and work independently.

According to detailed studies, artificial intelligence will bring about enormous changes that come close to an absolute digitization and transformation of our society as we know it. For this reason, the development of this computer intelligence is becoming more and more important for the government.

How is artificial intelligence implemented in the casino industry?

In short, artificial intelligence helps casinos provide their customers with the perfect experience and betting fairness on both fronts – that of the players and that of the casino. Fraud detection is one of the main purposes of this type of information. We’ve all heard of numerous instances of veteran gamblers unscrupulously robbing casinos using dishonest tricks and sophisticated scams. Fair play is a top priority for casino owners, whether land-based or online, and they are looking for ways to ensure this.

Fair play is guaranteed by computer intelligence

The problem of cheaters in casinos has been the most fundamental of all for casino owners over the years. This is changing with the advent of artificial intelligence in the casino industry. Nowadays, online betting platforms have the latest generation technologies that monitor players and look out for violations. Numerous servers and hard drives store every single bet made by the players. If unauthorized activity is discovered, an investigation will be launched immediately.

Artificial intelligence in customer service

With the number of casino website users increasing day by day, the owners of these platforms need a quick and efficient way to process requests. For this reason, various semi-automated functions have been implemented in customer service to answer various questions.

This is done with the help of chatbots, which “assimilate” the questions and return answers within a few seconds. Of course, not all player problems can be solved with the help of bots, and that is why there is a customer service department made up of very real people. You are responsible for the more complex queries that require human intervention.

user control

There are no online casino platforms that allow underage player registration. Allowing such users would result in penalties for the company and even loss of operating license.

To ensure that this does not happen, casino companies use various artificial intelligence-based software programs that process users’ registration documents. If this software detects an underage player, their account will be automatically closed until the owner turns 18 years old. Only then can he contact customer service to request the opening and verification of his account.

In addition to document processing, the AI ​​also monitors for signs of gambling and betting addiction. In the event of such a determination, the customer will be informed immediately. The customer is also offered various tools that can be used to cope with addiction at an early stage.

Virtual reality and its relation to computer intelligence in online casinos

Besides all the ways listed so far to regulate players and ensure fair bets, artificial intelligence allows users to do something much more exciting. Various software programs and “widgets” allow players to perform virtual interactions with their opponents. This all happens in virtual reality, and players use avatars in their own image or created to look the way they want. Thus, every enthusiast has the opportunity to play poker on another planet while, for example, being in an astronaut suit in the virtual universe of an online casino.


Online casinos are getting more and more inventive with each passing year. The innovations they come up with keep getting bolder and funnier. All of this would not be possible without the help of computers and various forms of artificial intelligence. There will soon be no more limits to innovation and even the most unusual customer request could become a reality. We can only speculate as to what online betting opportunities will be made available to us in the near future, but we are all certainly excited and awaiting the new developments.

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