Avetta launches the mobile Workforce app

Software contractor pre-qualification provider, Avetta, announced the Workforce by Avetta mobile app with digital ID cards that provides workers with LMS training so they can comply with regulations and securely access job sites.

Within the platform, employees can review their requirements, roles and required training for specific locations and projects in the app. They no longer need to carry different employee ID cards as the app contains their digital ID.

While Workforce by Avetta supports QR code check-in technology, QR codes can raise security concerns as they do not require additional authentication methods such as passwords or biometric scans.

This means they are easy to steal, borrow, replicate, share or counterfeit, resulting in unskilled and non-compliant workers gaining access to dangerous job sites.

In contrast, the app features BLE “Bluetooth” access technology that delivers short-range encrypted communications that require the operator and device to be in close proximity, with multi-factor authentication using techniques such as passwords, biometrics, and digital certificates.

“Employees can view their roles and competencies, take mobile LMS and induction training, and access locations from a single app. Only trained, certified and verified personnel have access to the site to safely perform their assigned work,” said Taylor Allis, Avetta’s chief product officer.

Workforce by Avetta features include:

Worker ID Wallet: All cards are stored on the same device and app, conveniently accessible anytime, anywhere.

Mobile Training: Deliver mandatory training and induction materials directly to the worker’s phone to improve safety and reduce the risk of accidents and injuries.

Employee Engagement: Employees take an active role in their compliance management, providing a convenient way to submit their compliance information and stay current on their training needs.

Increased security: Employees activate the app using two-factor authentication, which means only invited and authenticated employees use the app and access websites.

Know Before You Go: Workers can check at home or on the road that they meet site entry requirements before traveling to the site. Discrepancies can be resolved prior to arrival at the gate.

A connected workforce: Send messages directly to the Workforce by Avetta app. Workers are notified when new messages arrive. Employees see all important work messages in one place. You can filter, approve and manage their inbox.

This first appeared on March 24, 2023 in the CommsWire subscription newsletter.

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