Best Apple Memorial Day Deals 2023

This Memorial Day, find the best Apple deals and save big. (Photo: Amazon)

Memorial Day is here and you know what that means: fantastic savings on your favorite gizmos and gadgets! Do you urgently need an Apple solution? You can currently find everything from iPads to AirPods in the mega sale. Remember, these discounts are only valid while supplies last, and Apple products are a coveted commodity. They’ll likely sell out like hot cakes, so don’t wait until the last minute to buy – especially when it comes to repeat offers!

The best AirPod deals for Memorial Day


Apple AirPods need no introduction, but here are a few quick facts: These guys pack 24 hours of battery life, are super easy to set up, and can also share audio between two different sets of AirPods.

$99 at Amazon

“Hands down my favorite earphones on the market. I had a pair of AirPods that I bought in 2020 and used them day to day for 3 years until they gave up the ghost. Bought these as a replacement and they are perfect. 10/10 I would buy it again,” said one fan.


Six hours of battery life per headphone, 30 hours total, active noise cancellation and customizable controls? This text box is only 226 characters, which is nowhere near enough to praise these AirPod pros.

$200 at Amazon

“Active noise cancellation is no joke!” one fan gushed. “I LOVE the AirPods and I’m so glad I didn’t buy the 1st gen version. These headphones were a godsend to me. I live across from an auto repair shop and it gets pretty noisy after a long time.” During my work day I like to look over at my friends, read a book or maybe write something. I can get these things done without the distractions outside my door! The AirPods are quite comfortable in my ear and stay in place quite well.”

The best iPad deals for Memorial Day


With a spacious 10.9-inch screen, 64GB of onboard storage, and 12MP front and back cameras, this iPad is a powerful tablet.

$399 at Amazon

One customer said: “Bought this for my husband to use while he drives the truck across the road and he absolutely loves it. He was able to take it to our local AT&T and add cellular data for easier entertainment on the go.” He’s used it for GPS, music, entertainment, etc. It’s perfect for him. Lightweight and perfectly portable.


This powerhouse is one of the most portable iPads out there. It comes in five different colors, has all-day battery life, and works with the Apple Pencil (second generation) to make a fantastic drawing tablet.

$500 at Amazon

“The iPad Air with the M1 chip is the best Apple tablet for your money. Powerful enough to play heavy games and demanding work platforms, with a beautiful laminated screen without expensive and unnecessary add-ons like 120Hz refresh and FaceID,” said one buyer.

The best Memorial Day MacBook sales


Despite being the 2020 model, it’s still on par with most modern Windows machines, especially when it comes to productivity. An all-day battery, 8GB RAM, and 256GB SSD mean it can handle almost anything you throw at it.

$800 at Amazon

“Why can’t the PC world make a good notebook for the same price? The MacBook Air is the benchmark against which every PC model should be measured. I bought a PC notebook that was in the repair shop longer than I’ve had in the field.” “I finally decided to buy a MacBook Air because I was so impressed with a Mac mini that I bought. I like everything about the Air, from the keyboard and touchpad to the beautiful screen quality and study case,” said one five-star reviewer.


If you need more performance than a MacBook Air offers, this MacBook Pro has 8 GB of RAM, 512 GB of storage and a powerful processor designed for demanding tasks like Photoshop.

$1,349 at Amazon

“This is an incredible laptop. The laptop is sleek and sophisticated with incredible ease of use. I’m impressed with the design and the function is as perfect as you would expect from an Apple product. I highly recommend this product,” says one customer.

The best Memorial Day Apple Watch deals


This smartwatch is much more than just a fitness tracker. It can detect car accidents, alert emergency services if you fall, and even act as an emergency SOS at the touch of a button.

$329 at Amazon

“So comfortable!” shared a customer. “I wear it to work and due to my history of seizures, I’ve worn it primarily for fall detection. I love that I can keep track of things like my cycle and it helps me lose weight.”

The best Apple Memorial Day deals


For the aspiring artists out there, the Apple Pencil is a fantastic tool to use in conjunction with the iPad. It’s also perfect for taking notes or marking up documents on the go.

$85 at Amazon

“The Apple Pencil Gen 2 is a game changer for digital artists and note takers alike. It’s a sleek and stylish pen that offers precise and responsive performance,” said Harry Potter. “One of the most notable features of the Apple Pencil Gen 2 is its magnetic charging capability. Just clip it to the side of your iPad Pro or iPad Air and it starts charging. This eliminates the need for a separate charging cable and makes it much more convenient to use on the go.


Depending on the age of your iPad, the second generation Apple Pencil may not work. In that case, the first-gen model does just as well, and it’s available for just $90.

$89 at Amazon

“I love this device!” said one buyer. “I’ve made me want to use my iPad more! I love playing these painting/painting by number games on my iPad and it has absolutely changed the game for me.”


Keep track of everything from your purse to your luggage with these handy trackers that you can take anywhere.

$87 at Amazon

“I recently purchased the Apple AirTag 4 Pack and I am blown away by this product! Setup was super easy and connecting to my iPhone was a breeze. The Find My app is incredibly useful for keeping track of my stuff and I love it I can see where my items are in real time. The Precision Search feature is also amazing. I can easily find my lost items using Siri, and the built-in speaker is loud enough to hear them from afar. I would highly recommend this product to anyone who constantly misplaces their stuff,” said a verified reviewer.

The reviews cited above reflect the most current versions at the time of publication.

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