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WAUKESHA — Kidz Fashion, 1427 East Racine Ave. is having a grand school opening on Sept. 17 from 5-8 p.m

Erqueda Mike’s store is officially open and had its first grand opening on August 7th. Mike was planning another grand opening to get their business known to the community, especially with school fast approaching.

Kidz Fashion was founded a year ago by Mike who sells high quality branded clothing for boys and girls, newborn to 16 years old and at affordable prices. She felt the community lacked a clothing store specifically for children. Her passion for children stems from working in childcare for eight years.

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She started her business by renting out booth stations at the 7-Mile Fair when the weather was warm enough to work outside. However, she wanted her customers to come to her and have a consistent approach to children’s clothing.

“I chose Waukesha because it’s a different area, community and neighborhood,” said Mike, adding that many customers appreciate the location she chose to have a children’s clothing store.

Mike plans to get customers in the area and keep them there. She signed a three-year term with Waukesha and wants to introduce people in the area to children’s fashion.

big opening

At the grand opening on September 17, Mike is planning a ribbon cutting and celebration with food, drinks and treats.

“It’s a celebration for me because I’m proud and I’ve come a long way,” Mike said. “I’ve only been in the business a year and I’ve come this far.”

Although this is the first business she owns, it’s not Mike’s first business. She also has a smaller business called Public Appliance Repair, a washer, dryer, and range repair service that Mike and a partner run together.

Mike has advice for those looking to start their own business. She urges you to strive for the best and always do what you want in life because you never know the outcome.

“I’m just trying to get to the top,” Mike said. “You start at the bottom and work your way up.”

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