China’s Chongqing builds screenplay entertainment city

Dai participated in the first China Script Entertainment Carnival in Chongqing. In it, she expressed her belief in the importance of systematically examining the city’s revolutionary culture, architectural styles, humanities, art, history and culture, which are excellent materials for LARP games.

She believes that Ciqikou Ancient City, Dazu Rock Carvings, Hongyadong and other places could serve as inspiration.

The Rise of Screenplay Entertainment in Chongqing

Screenplay entertainment in Chongqing has taken off, attracting enthusiasts like Xu Jingwei, a University of California graduate and escape room game enthusiast. In September 2020, Xu established Yiming Jingren Culture Media Company, entering the immersive scripted entertainment industry. He is working on a new escape room game store on Times Paradise Walk in Yuzhong District, which is scheduled to open before November this year.

Screenplay entertainment industry in Chongqing is characterized by early start, wide distribution, large size, high concentration, rich business formats and screenplay originality. The industry has adopted various experiential consumption models, such as ‘scripted entertainment + hotels’, ‘scripted entertainment + tourism’, and ‘scripted entertainment + science and technology’. It ranks top in China in terms of industry size, topic authorization and revenue.

Visitors play interactive games in the exhibition. (Photo/Chongqing City Commission for Culture and Tourism Development)

Scripted entertainment is a new trend in the development of culture and tourism industry. Chongqing Municipal Culture and Tourism Development Commission plans to balance leadership and regulation. Its goal is to improve the management system, optimize the business environment, strengthen talent training, provide a steady supply of high-quality scripts, and continuously improve the core competitiveness of the scripted entertainment industry. Its ultimate goal is to stimulate the high-quality development of the industry and make Chongqing a leading scripted entertainment city in China.


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