DL E&C partners with KT to create an advanced digital twin and metaverse ecosystem in construction

[Courtesy of DL E&C]

SEOUL – DL E&C has partnered with South Korea’s leading telecom company KT to develop an advanced digital twin based on a streaming solution for cloud game services and build a Metaverse ecosystem. Metaverse solutions can be used in various construction areas such as design, construction and quality management.

A digital twin is a virtual clone of an object or infrastructure. Digital twins are often used as proving grounds for new technologies or other elements to determine the results of real-world situations simulated in a virtual space. Entrepreneurs can test their products under different conditions without experiencing irreversible effects in real life.

KT’s cloud-based game streaming solution was used for DL ​​E&C’s real-time virtual visualization solution called “D.Virtual”. It’s difficult to implement high-definition virtual reality in low-end devices, but D.Virtual removes limitations in device specifications.

“DL E&C has continued to strive to provide a new level of experience beyond time and space constraints in the construction sector and to provide advanced customer service,” said Choi Young-rak, head of DL E&C’s Enclosure Technology Development Center, in a statement Sept. 2 . “By actively sharing technology with KT, we will continue to lead the industry in intelligent architecture.”

DL E&C said that D.Virtual realizes more advanced graphics technology than 3D Virtual Reality. Introducing the cyber model home, interior materials, finishes, and furniture options can be simulated in real-time in the virtual space according to the consumer’s desire. The builder said that more than a million options can be combined via D.Virtual.

KT’s technology will allow customers to enjoy D.Virtual smoothly in different device environments, and conveniently implement graphics that are close to the actual images without lag.

KT would use its solution on construction sites to review a 3D blueprint with a tablet PC. Construction companies can increase productivity by reducing construction and maintenance costs. “We will strive to further expand the digital twin market by leveraging our next-generation streaming solution,” said Park Jung-ho, head of digital transformation at KT.

In cooperation with Constru, a computer vision and AI company in Israel, DL E&C has introduced “D.Vision”, a field management solution that uses AI-based computer vision technology and 360-degree cameras to assess the quality of construction sites to improve and maximize the efficiency of process status management.

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