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Duplicate paid medical bill leaves NJ senior at $14,000 | 7 On your side

SOUTH ORANGE, N.J. (WABC) — A New Jersey widower was in five figures after a medical billing mess that lasted nearly six months.

After one of the biggest healthcare providers gets paid twice, 7 On Your Side shows how to solve your own billing dispute.

“My heart stopped, I had to watch it a few times, like – hey, this is real,” Kim Kershaw said.

Kershaw received a five-figure bill of $14,466 from his healthcare provider, Summit Health.

It was for a procedure prescribed last summer by her doctor. Fortunately, the tests came back negative.

Initially, the widower, father and grandfather did not question the accusation, thinking it was what he owed.

This is how his generation behaves. Kershaw, a career defense contractor, was recently rehired after retirement for his security expertise and still pays his bills on time.

But months later, her insurer also paid the claim, so the supplier was paid twice.

In March, Kershaw said it was madness and said he contacted Summit Health in December, January and February – and each time a representative says he can see the bill has been paid two once and that his check is being processed and in the mail.

But that never happened until 7 On Your Side got involved.

“Things started happening all of a sudden,” Kershaw said.

Summit Health could not comment due to patient confidentiality, but investigated and the next day Kim collected a check for $13,186.21 – which he paid minus his deductible.

The big point to remember is to make sure you get pre-approved for procedures and when you receive a hospital bill, doctor’s bill or an explanation of benefits, read it carefully and make sure it’s detailed.

And if the charges aren’t correct, you can dispute them immediately with your insurance company and provider.

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