Ernakulam District Panchayat introduces the Entrepreneurship Corridor

Panchayat District is ready to launch an entrepreneurship promotion campaign called District Entrepreneurship Corridor (DEC) to identify potential entrepreneurs, introduce them to various entrepreneurial initiatives and support programs before helping them to develop theirs to set up their own units.

The project begins with a one-day workshop for potential entrepreneurs from the Alangad block at UC College, Aluva. Minister of Law and Industry P. Rajeeve will open the workshop which will be the first of similar workshops held in all 14 block panchayats in Panchayat district. The idea behind these workshops is to raise awareness among potential entrepreneurs and give them the right guidance.

“We made an initial allocation of 50 lakh under the program to encourage entrepreneurship. Depending on the response to the program, the funding will be further expanded. Group initiatives of two or more people are eligible. The project is in line with the state government’s goal of establishing one lakh initiatives this year,” said Panchayat District President Ullas Thomas.

The first workshop will focus on the potential of businesses based on agriculture and related services, considering that the Alangad Bloc is largely agricultural. There will be three technical sessions, including ones based on value-added initiatives related to bananas, jackfruit and tapioca and viable small and medium-sized businesses.

The focus is on creating an entrepreneurial orientation for potential beneficiaries and introducing them to various offers from different departments. Banks will also provide information about their small and medium business lending programs.

“The first phase of DEC is to identify potential entrepreneurs through the 14 workshops, provide the right orientation and support them in setting up businesses by helping them to access support under various programs of local bodies and departments take. We will not stop doing this, but will continue to support them by constantly evaluating their performance. Entrepreneurial initiatives compatible with each region will be presented to attendees during the workshops,” said District Industries Manager S. Sheeba.

District Collector Renu Raj will deliver the keynote speech at the workshop.

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